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And not like people uniform like you. Who served there. Thank you very much well. Why didn't serve in afghanistan. I i was in other places sadly enough. But i think i have a little emotional distance but you you were right there in the middle of it how does it. Can you tell the audience. How seeing this makes you feel after investing so much of your life in in this mission. I have to tell you. I had an existential moments where i determined that. I had spent twenty years serving my country and don't recognize it anymore. I feel the same way. Mary beth long and i don't recognize my military. Does this wh you worked in the pentagon what the has happened. Tell your listeners. What happens and let's take sullivan. And the president aren't telling you as victim blame and tell you listeners. But these people were warned nineteen time. They were warned based off of a state department list that everyone knew from the beginning was incomplete. Let's be clear in the two hundred plus years of this country. We have never left american citizens behind many of the people that i personally were working with were called to that airport for the fourth or fifth time and turned away. When they went on saturday and sunday they went and stayed and people in that military and state department because we called the state department and we called the department of defense. They stood there and waved their american passports screaming. We are americans and there's actually a test text message of a colonel inside who knew that there were american citizens waving their blue passports outside the gates for hours and those gates were never opened listeners. They call them to the airport. They never opened the case. We willingly left american citizens screaming outside the airport. Waiting there passengers when we went wheels up. That is nothing short of disgusting. That is betrayal. Mary beth long i. It makes me sick to my stomach to see this. I i know the troops the pointy end of the spirit. You saw the video of them lifting babies over the wall. That probably wasn't something officers. Were happy about luckily there when much could do about it because it was caught on film i. I look at that disaster at the airport. They killed thirteen people. And i'm just. I was just a infantry colonel. I wasn't some jan or something. But i knew something about chain of command who is in charge at the airport. Was who was the person in command at the airport was at a state. Department person was at the eighty second airborne general. Was there even a chain of command at the airport or did this violate every basic principle. A military leadership and operational execution that i ever learned in twenty seven years absolutely did and let me tell you i feel for those men and women who were at. The point is and spirit. The marines the eighty seconds. All those who lifted the baby's update were given no choice. They were very clear. We talked on the phone too many of them. They were not authorized to allow american citizens and we had marines get on the phone with us and big to get them authorization because a pregnant american citizens have been there for nineteen hours out in the sun. She was not moving and going through that taliban gauntlet again. I being forced to these the airport and come back. We were told that the military need the authorization from the state department but the at the end of the day. You and i both know that. This is secretary austin and joint. She's staff mark milies at the end of the day had to give the authorization whether it was from the state department or elsewhere. Not only did we leave citizens but we left many of our men and women in uniform who were on those gates looking down in psychological trauma. We had several of them. Tell us that this was worse. Ptsd than they had had an iraq standing there watching us walk away from american citizen. Will mary beth long. I i look at this. And i remember. I was taught by the guys who rebuilt the military after vietnam. And i saw it. Pay off as a lieutenant in desert storm at seven core maine and one of the things i was taught was the importance of senior leaders. They can't say no but they can't say. I quit and precipitated political crisis. That is that is there there. That is their big red button. They can throw their career away. Knowing it's going to draw the attention and the political debate of terrible decisions. And i am wondering why general milley who apparently served honorably as a young soldier who apparently was a battalion commander and is a damn disgrace as the chairman of the joint chiefs staff. Why his stars aren't on the resolute desk. Joe biden said. You're you've to do things that'll make you leapfrog room. He said sir. I can't disobey your order. But i can quit. Why the hell didn't quit. Why the hell is. No one being held accountable. I don't get it no. It's worse than that. We're blaming american citizens that we warned you. It's worse than that listen. I called for the resignations of the secretary of defense and the chairman last week. One of two things have happened. We learned this. From general mattis either gave the president and vice anyone ahead and even ordered it then. You should resign because president is no longer listening to you or you didn't get him the advice. You didn't throw it on the line and say i'm not doing this. Which would result in your resignation as well. The honorable thing to do would have been resigned. Either way and neither of them have nor have. They spoken out an admitted that they knew. I called the office of the secretary of defense for policy. And they knew. There were american citizens that were advocates at the airport waiting to get in or nearby and they left. Anyway you listen to this and you can't believe it's our country and you know americans For at least the last thirty years have done nothing but support tricks. I the vast majority of my career in the military. I spent people coming in shaking my hands in the airport thanking me for my service not realizing that as colonel i accomplished and contributed nothing but the american people love their military. And this is this disaster a wakeup call. And i think it's so important. Mary beth long people like you. And i who were on the inside and understand that there is a distinction between the great men and women in the junior ranks doing the real work and the scenery and the senior leaders who are failing utterly and completely this nonsense You know when you have a chairman joint chiefs staff. Who can't decide whether america's greatest threat is the weather or americans who voted for donald trump. And we're facing crises in afghanistan it now. North korea the reactor starring again. Of course there's china and taiwan. The mullah's i it shows a lack of seriousness. It shows a frivolous and frivolousness and it shows a sickening sycophantic. See for a failed president. Am i wrong. No you're not wrong and first of all let me. I'm sure i join your listeners. And thank you for your service is very kind. A real boroughs out there. I'm just a guy showed up. That's not true. I'm sure but i have when i joined. Dod and the pentagon. I learned the most tremendous respect for our men and women in uniform. They are as good as it gets here but worldwide. It's this is a failure of leadership. This is a politicization of those leaders in in their positions. I don't know where each where they're disciplined as you. Well know everyone knows that you have secure perimeter around an airport or any other place where you are and that was a mistake from the beginning and then to go and blame americans who tried to get to get inside that perimeter and often were inside despite being beaten despite having to go through multiple taliban checkpoints and then to blame them. This is a failure of our leaders in the military our leaders at state and our national leadership and everyone who's listening who's ever been to an airport and had the fight through mob. Imagine that in a foreign country in the sand in the heat with terrorist looking at your documents every day. How dare you blame those american citizens. Outraged thank you so much. Mary beth along for joining me on the hugh hewitt radio program. Today i'm kurt schlichter. We're gonna be right back. There's a lot more to come stick around. Don't go anywhere. It's hugh hewitt. I am not there today. you've heard earlier hours. I traveling from east coast to west. Kurt schlichter is sitting in for me today. And i appreciate it colonel..

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