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Speculating on all day that they are looking for an athletic director, Joe alita gone soon for LSU fans, perhaps not soon enough. We're coming right back. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Certainly the news breaking at quite a pace today. We now know it is a fish oil that Joe Aleve is leaving LSU the school making it official just moments ago with more statements king Alexander. We are grateful to Joe for his years of service and dedication to LSU under his leadership. LSU athletics has become even more nationally competitive in our our student athletes have reached new levels of academic achievement. Aleve. Had this to say the eleven years any and I have been here in Baton Rouge have been some of the best in our lives. We have made life long, friends and memories in Louisiana. This is truly special place. It's been an honor to serve LSU and I'm proud to continue to do. So. In a new role. So now that that's a fish oil the speculation all over the map about what will happen next. Scott woodward. Of course is a Baton Rouge native. He's a graduate Avila shoe. He just has made two of the biggest hires in modern SEC history, we JIMBO Fisher and then two weeks ago buzz we and we had him on this show nine days ago talking about the future of Texas athletics. Under those two coaches, we're joined now by Billy Lucci who covers that beat better than anyone and Billy. Thank you very much. Appreciate you coming on. And the first question is the obvious question. What do you know about Scott Woodward's future? Is he going to stay or will he be wooed away by LSU? I think boring. I wrote about it on my side..

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