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I'll be could develop some severe problems later so the one first sure fire way to ruin a puppy is to just keep it inside until tadalis shot I promise you you will regret doing that number two wait to set boundaries when it's older well that's a good one what people think the puppies are so cute in there SO fluffy in the literal the furniture and jump all over them in a little just two things up somewhat eight we should all take pictures and put them on Facebook and Instagram and then they get so as the first couple weeks and the first several pairs of shoes and people decide you know I don't want the puppy on the furniture after all he's getting to be heavy and it's interrupting me while watching TV so today I'm just gonna side no puppies on the furniture and today I went inside don't show my shoes in two days today is a little late because you've already established with your puppy that all these things were allowed and now you suddenly change the rules that you own a house it is your prerogative to change rules there's nothing wrong with you deciding one day that you want to do things differently however the consequences of that are inescapable the consequences of that or that your puppy is now very confused and it may get worse with his behavior before he gets better because he doesn't understand what you just did he doesn't understand why he could jump all over you yesterday but today it's a problem so when you bring the puppy home is adorable as they are and you can still post tons of pictures on Instagram and Facebook you want to make sure that whatever rules you want for the house are put in place from day one number two was waiting to set boundaries when the puppies older here's number three skipping socialization altogether assuming that if you have lots of people in your house and you have existing dogs then that's enough for your puppy no it's not we will get a puppy in for boarding training and when it sees one of our dogs it starts growling and backing up under a chair and my question would be has it always been this concern for this nervous around other dogs like no other dogs how many dogs is you met we have three other dogs has he ever met dogs outside your home phone no it's different if your puppy is raised with other dogs in your home that's great you get to know your dog so get to love your dogs are family but he doesn't understand there's other things out there there's other animals out there so if he's not exposed to dogs outside the home again there's a way to do it safely he may develop aggression problems fear problems towards other dogs later I see this lot puppy kindergarten where people have existing dogs because you know you can't just have one can you they're like potato chips so we collect dogs and they bring the puppy to class in the public hiding in there so confused because they're convinced that the puppy loves other dogs because they have them at home or maybe they have a friend who brings our dog over and the dog loves our friends dog but they don't understand why the puppy is suddenly scared of all the puppies that are already in the kindergarten class it's because they've never been exposed to many dogs outside their own families so you need to make sure that you pick a safe partner for your puppy a dog that has experience with other puppies not every adult dog likes puppies that we talked about that before so you want to make sure that they have safe encounters and positive encounters with other dogs outside your home this does not mean taking them to the dog park oh my gosh I should be number six I don't have that on my list but maybe that should be number six here's a bonus you get another one taking your puppy to the dog park it's one of the worst things you can do you can't control anything in that dog park the only thing you can troll is yourself and you could be setting your puppy up for so much failure it's not even funny dog parks are fine for socializing later in adolescence they are not appropriate for socialization there is a huge huge difference the other thing about socialization is of course people if you have a steady stream of kids come in your house of all different ethnicities a few different age people coming in that is awesome because that's going to help your puppy Dr Ian Dunbar the founder of the association of professional dog trainers that's an association I'm past president of he said that puppy should meet a hundred different strangers before they finish their critical socialization period that's at first twelve to sixteen weeks it's really hard to do in a lot of cases but it is really important they need to meet all sorts of different people you also want to get him on different flooring we have puppies that can't walk on title they've never had a slippery surfaces beneath their feet we've had puppies come in that are terrified of vacuum cleaners and hair dryers and rolling carts here's the thing about puppies they can be fine in many different areas and fool you into thinking that they're perfectly fine never going to be a problem and all of a sudden something will make him look full full full full for barking get scared most of that barking most of that growling aggressive responses due to fear you never want to force a puppy to confront it's fear you've heard me say that before too you want to coach them through it and help them realize that it's a good place and it's a positive place and lots of hot dogs appear when the vacuum cleaner appears and hair dryer runs and your suitcase on wheels comes out lots of positive experiences socialization also doesn't just end at that sixteen week period if you are so good such a good student and you socialize and socialize a puppy and then at sixteen weeks ago I eight and then slack off and then like six months later take your dog somewhere any freaks out you do have to continue it not with the intensity that you do during this first sixteen weeks but you still have to keep it up because just like us they forget you know if they haven't been exposed to things in a while so you definitely need to keep up so don't ever skip socialization is a sure fire probably the most worse playing terrible terrible thing you can do to road a puppy is a just not socialize it it's a sure fire recipe for disaster some puppies do make it through that is true there's always an exception but for the most part it's gonna do some damage all right we've covered a few for sure fire ways how to ruin a puppy I'm sure the rest of you when we get back on get positive results life radio.

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