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We are in the fourth week of a partial government shutdown, and that's where we'll start with Craig Gordon. He is Washington bureau chief and an executive editor here at Bloomberg joins us from our ninety nine when studio down there in the nation's capital. Mr. Gordon Commissioner, how is it going? Where are we on this shutdown? We are at day twenty four the lines are getting longer at airports, but I come today with a tiny flicker of hope how man talk to us. This just end just literally within the past hour, or so the Democrats are going to people recall they've been putting up spending bills that Mitch McConnell has refused to take up in the Senate. Donald Trump has said he won't sign. Most of those had an end date if every eight they've done some to fund the government all the way till September. But they threw in a little bit of a curveball this afternoon and said they're going to put forward a Bill later this week to keep the government to reopen the government through February twenty eighth now that date isn't really important. Except for the fact that this lines up with the plan put forward by the Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham who last week sort of came out and said, why don't we just reopen the government for a little while? So everyone could get back to work at their paychecks government. Get back in business will we'll hash out the wall again for another six weeks. And then if we still can't come thing, we'll just close it back down again to show, everyone Donald Trump is serious about this. And a lot of people in Washington thought there is a certain kind of Washington logic to that probably not real world logical Washington logic to that Trump has said no way. No how. But now the fact that the Democrats are putting forward this Bill with that date, and that sort of echo of Lindsey Graham's plan suggests maybe they know something we don't that. There is a little bit of a movement. Look, the polls are really bad for Republicans right now. And they may be trying to find a solution. And I do wonder does it speak to you Craig that that Republicans and Democrats are meeting behind closed doors saying, okay, we know where the president is on this. But let's see if we can figure out something, folks. Yeah. I mean, look, I, you know, we've said I've said many times since I. Probably even on this program. I think Democrats are kind of still winning the shutdown of the Senate, but he wins a shutdown. But even the Democrats are going to start to feel pressure from folks in their hometowns a lot of these federal workers that are not getting paychecks. The number two House Democrat is as from Maryland Hoyer. So a lot of his constituents are federal workers. And so look the pain there's a lot of pain to go around here. And I think Democrats would actually genuinely could imagine a day when they actually do start getting blamed now the polls right now show, the blame squarely Donald Trump the Republicans. We had a nice story today pulling together six of the polls, very well respected polls. Fifty six percent blame. Trump Fifty-three percent blame. Trump fifty five percent playing Trump down the line Trump, and therefore the Republican party getting blamed for this. So they definitely have a little more incentive Lindsey Graham Republican he's trying to find a way out and kind of throw a lifeline to the president. You know, maybe the Democrats, you know, they could see clear to to kinda coming to some kind of arrangement where they can get the government back open and get that to me does suggest. Starting to feel ever so slightly a little bit of pressure on the Democrats. Well, we just want to mention the headline crossing the Bloomberg terminal. This has to do with President Trump's plan to undo ObamaCare contraceptive rule. It is being blocked. This is a Pennsylvania judge issuing a nationwide injunction. So essentially, it's veg in federal judge in Philadelphia blocking the Trump administration's plan to rollback Obama's cares contraception mandate for businesses claiming religious or moral objection. Remember, we got a similar ruling. I think it was late Sunday over the weekend from a judge in California. What's key about this one? Jason is that this preliminary injunction is being applied Nash, right, right? And then sure we're going to continue to to follow that story. Still speaking with Craig Gordon, our Washington bureau chief, so I wanna ask you one of the parts of the government that is still open. Obviously is the Senate that's going to hear from William bar Tamar. Former attorney general nominated to be attorney general again in the Trump administration. We got his opening remarks earlier today, and even more scrutiny on what he's going to say tomorrow, given some of the reporting over the weekend about Russia and its potential ties to the president and his campaign. What do you expect to hear when Mr. bar does appear on Capitol Hill tomorrow? Sure. So we know from this is his actual testimony. So sort of read it into the record tomorrow in front of the TV cameras where he says that he actually thinks it's very important that congress and the public both be told other results Robert Mueller special counsel into whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. I mean, you know, he he tried to make it sound like he was going to be very transparent he made clear, however that he would only release the report or the final sort of findings of Muller to the extent the law allowed, and I think what Democrats will say tomorrow is he'll only do it to the extent. He's required. Right. And there's a little bit of ambiguity there. You know, we don't have special counsels every day, and the the the laws of changed through the years. So it's not entirely clear at this moment. Exactly what he's required to do. What he's able to do what he could say he could not do. So democrats. I think are gonna work him over pretty hard on this question and try to get some kind of an airtight promise from him. You know, basically you've obviously looked at the law. You know, people remember bar wrote a memo saying that Muller was overstepping his bounds. So it's not like this is unfamiliar to him. He wants to be the chief essentially law enforcement officer for the country. You could imagine you might have done some research, and they will seek to get some kind of a lock down promise that whatever motor puts forward. He will find a way to put out to the public. I don't think they'll get it in. And we're going to spend about two days worth testimony going back and forth over that cake. Craig just got about forty seconds left here on sixty minutes over the weekend. It highlighted a piece with the house oversight and reform committee chairman, and we're talking about Elijah Cummings talking about hitting the ground running to investigate the Trump administration. Is that what we're all getting ready for sorry? It just got about twenty five seconds. Yeah. They've they've said it they're going to do it. I'm a little surprised. It's taken them this long to get some.

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