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Be a big problem won't you may be in no rush to get back into the dentist chair that Matteo county supervisor David Canepa says many of his constituents are especially the elderly are calling me in pain and complain that they can't see their dentures as it is right now only emergency procedures are taking place but Dr Sam Corey who works in a dental practice in Daly city says many patients are waiting to carry out other important procedures as well they should still need for missing teeth and plans right now we have so many patients waiting just to get the implants was stored thank you Canada is calling on the state to draw up a plan to get dentist back in business as soon as possible in a statement the California department of public health did not provide a reason as to why dental procedures were not included in the governor's announcement this past week but did say that the state is continually evaluating how best resume elective procedures keep Menconi KCBS we're learning more about the death of a Santa Clara woman male thought to be the first known coronavirus death in the United States San Francisco Chronicle reporting an autopsy report finds that fifty seven year old Patricia Dowd suffered a massive heart attack caused by the virus infection the report also found signs of the covert nineteen faction in our hearts and lungs intestines researchers are still looking into the full impacts of the virus on the human body back with sports in three minutes on KCBS Hey.

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