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It's time for time, suck on the master sucker president of the pootie and juju fan club sadist who tortured with Michael motherfucking McDonald triple aqui. We'll get him out in Leuven. Anymo- aqui forgetting things will never will be the same. Again. I keep forgetting how you made it so clear. A key forgetting on Tom, you'll Neil. Ever Tama. See, you smile? Yes, I'm and you're listening to time suck, and I'm recording today from a from a hotel in Tampa, Florida. So the people around me very happy to be triple in this morning, I'm sure, and, and that's why today's episode is going to sound a little difference. Different Mike differ room with berry shitty acoustics sounds bounce all around and I just can't figure out a stop it. And my voice is a little shop from show, so apologies for the things I can't control, but welcome to the cult of the curious and hopefully, you know, Reverend Rev, Dr. Joe paisley, we'll, we'll be able to clean this up quite a bit from from how I hear it right now in my headphones. Thanks to majority of you who seem to understand my decision to do. One more fight is bonus episode of than suspend for Friday, bonus episodes possibly forever. I know. I know others are pissed and feel betrayed. I get emails see the reviews for those of you undecided about how you feel. I'll just say, again that you know when I made the reviews for the bonus episodes deal the episodes, they didn't take nearly as long to create because all episodes were were shorter, and honestly, not as thoroughly researched and produce. You know, like if I would've kept the episodes at the original length, kept the research time originally what it was more minimal. I can do bonus episodes every week and spend less time overall in the sock than I do now. It isn't about trying to back out of a deal. It's about the context around the original deal, changing substantially. And it suddenly making the deal virtually impossible to carry out as part of why I'm recording a hotel room today because I didn't have time to do this because I did or upset back in the south down. So thanks to those of you who do understand and very grateful for all the reviews and ratings you've been still giving, you know. And I know and I did do twenty five bonus sucks because of those reviews and ratings, they do mean a lot to me. Thanks for those of you who continue to do that. Thanks for continuous bread, this huge things. Okay. Shifting gears very quickly to a little bit of standup. Thanks the time. Suckers who came out to the Tampa shows manned very, very happy. You know, I did a Thursay six shows. You know, one was sold out couple were very close to being sold out and the other ones had a salad. I mean, you know, over thousand times, others came out in Tampa fan, fucking tastic head. Mechta Florida. This week shows that the Palm Beach, improv Friday through Sunday, August ten to twelve little nervous about those ones. I've not done south Florida much because traditionally now many people have showed up in those in those markets. So maybe maybe maybe things will change. We'll find out and then on zanies in Chicago, August fifteenth to eighteenth westward. After that to Denver, comedy works twenty three to twenty fifth..

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