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The single person tomatoes and those of the other Just Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Romano's and mother. Rage of the decay and wife must must be looked at dormitory. Pizza's not even a winding waving out and Macy's those members to start rewards. Can I gotta go? The race is going back up star rewards that last argument you have with your partner. Chances are it was dumped is nothing big, but you should make up kiss and make up day daily in from hot going. What was the last argument you had with your partner? Shower where she lied? That hair on the wall like Spider Man or something, bro. Over the wall, my pool going to see your girl sheds like a cat. Is that what you're saying? Like a grizzly bear today? That's called bro Kiss and make up there. You've got to say you're sorry. What? Here where you call her up? And you tell her that Harry is that you're gonna help her out. And you're sorry for fighting with that? What? You're gonna do any working in this shed? You call Chewbacca and you tell her that it's all good. Start your day with power 106 as we go 90 minutes commercial free weekday mornings at eight. New hip hop feature on the new It too. And the new one night rest in peace to pop smoke, Man. This is the new song called Got It on, Seo.

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