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The bloomberg terminal malaysian prime minister najjar is that likely to announce the dissolution of parliament after muslim prayers on friday this getting ready for the upcoming general election indonesia cabinet member members threatened to shut down facebook if there's any evidence that personal data is being harvested or if it does not start to crack down on fake news meanwhile facebook is saying that it's network has been used to incite violence and me and mar and ceo mark zuckerberg is firing back at apple ceo tim cook's criticisms that it treats its customers like product saying the comments were extremely glib and not truthful tesla's ceo elon musk is straight up challenging the ntsb today regarding the fatal crash of one of its pado pilot cars must tweeting a lot of respect for ntsb but nhtsa regulates cars not ntsb which is an advisory board and russian president vladimir putin is saying that the us likely venue for a meeting between him and president donald trump global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in san francisco i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg brian right thanks very much twenty one minutes past the hour paul kidneys our guests from dial capital markets bond market pretty stable we mentioned that commodities not bad gold is a little higher but oil over sixty three dollars the dr hasn't done all that much what's leading here yeah i think that's that's that's about right so i think you're when we look at we're looking at the the energy space we've got you're the russia repack agreement having so far being stuck too i mean i think we're going to look at the forecast for production this year they're assuming that one party is going to break ranks in incr increased production which is why they're seeming fifty five sixty dollars a barrel but there is the threat there of shale oil common threat on the far birth russia and our pack for the for the united states potentially increasing production which made bind them together so we may in fact see over.

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