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That they're in harmony and have repore and one of the most effective ways of flirting is to stop flirting change the subject or politely walk away once the connection has been made it leaves the other person wanting more and that is something you should know one of the things that separates humans from other animals is our creativity think about it the way animals in the wild go through their daily lives is probably pretty similar to the way their ancestors have always done it but humans are constantly creating new ways to do things we create an innovate things in technology art and music everything right down to the most muendane parts of everyday life we're always creating new and better ways so where does that come from and i think the big question is can you and if so how do you become more creative one of the big thinkers and doers in this area is ellen gannet he's the ceo of track maven it's a software analytics firm whose clients have included microsoft home depot at nha honda and ge he has been on the thirty thirty lists for both inc and forbes magazines and he's drilled down pretty deep into what creativity is and how to produce it his new book is called the creative curve how to develop the right idea at the right time i allen thanks for being here cool thanks for having me man i'm excited to talk about creativity so it's interesting that you talk about the science of creativity because i think in some ways people don't think of creativity as being particularly scientific that it's more luck and moments and magic almost so start by explaining the science here yet creativity is these things where there's this huge disconnect between what the science tells us about how creativity works and the public perception the public perceptions that there's these some creative demigods who steve jobs ilan must pablo casa where they were born with this thing.

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