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Can tell you that I don't know the things I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying this song sing along to it Jack post has got some issues with the lyrics in this old Nellie furtado song. Well, I never actually thought about it, but she's saying, I'm like a bird, I don't know where my home is, but a bird does know where it's home is. But today, I bet that's a hike. But why do people make a nice little bird box? That could be their home, but the bird keeps coming back. It knows where it's home is. Don't go follow the seasons though. The show they might grow. They've got somehow a winter house on it. Yeah, they might be able to Sorrento, like if you want to arrive. Eddie McGuire, the black world. All right, so we're looking at your stories today about unusual places you met your other half. Shaun, Susan Susan. Susan? I'm sure. Hi. I don't know. Yeah. Susan, welcome to the show. And usually where you make your partner, Susan. Okay, so back in 89, now Pepsi may know these areas because it was in where it be. We're at the carwash at 7 stations. Ten years in the mainstream area of whereby. And he married 99. Back in the day. And he was there in his silver headquarters with his CFI uniform on washing his car. And then my family in the town we last saw, yeah, not bad, not bad, kind of thing. And so back then we had this little bit I can go out with you before. You can go out with him kind of deal. So if I challenge accepted. So we kind of semi hunted him down and followed him around the beat on pipelines because that's what she did. So you actually did follow him around. Like when you're on your PayPal on a Friday night like you used to cruise the Main Street of where it would be just checking paper out. Ted Bundy did, but I think it's part of your rope. It's going and make sure in the midnight on a Friday you just cruising around stalking potentially. Christian's daughter is on a plate now, watch where she goes on Friday night. Used to be. In order to be there, not sure. Anyway, so you run him off the road into a ditch. Not quite, not quite. But we met again at the local bonfire in the November and hopeless crossing. I don't know if that's still held there. And because we seem to see a fight like he was helping at the bonfire and it's just like, oh, yeah, pretty cool. And so challenge accepted to my Friends arguing that we came first. And 30 years later, we're still married to kids, grandchildren. Lovely. Lovely, glad we got there. That is lovely, Susan. That is really nice. Thank you very much. Give us a call. No worries. I know we got. Do we go one more? Oh, go on. This is like playing Russian roulette. We've shot herself twice. They're lovely stories. They're lovely stories. There's just a cut to the chase. Let's roll again. Spin the barrel. With a gun to our heads, Tony. How are we tonight? We're good, Tony. We're good Tony. And how did you meet your partner? What was the unusual way your place that you make your time? Well, I went to Robin bell picking greats. We finished for the night. And this last Jerry by full of tongs. And I saw a side profile of this woman and fennel method immediately. The next day we took a ring that I had more pinky finger and gave it to her and said yes. And 33 years later, we were married. We've got 33 years later we're still married. Two kids, 32, 28 and three grandkids. Well done. So did you go out for like 24 hours before you pop the question? Is that what you're saying? No, we just met up the next day and popped the question. Mary in July, 99. Oh, yeah, yeah, that's got the cover up there. Got it. All right. T, thank you very much for giving us a goal. The Christian O'Connell show podcast. No producer Tom has come back to the show this year with some great news. He's got engaged to his girlfriend. And he's got a great story about going to Japan where he proposed. And a lot of stories about proposing. There's the image of what you were building to and what you had planned. Sometimes life just goes, that's not going to be much pressure. Especially when you go somewhere where there's a lot of snow in Japan. So he's going to share the store in a minute. However, the thing that I'm interested in is like when you've got this ring and is this huge pressure and sometimes you can go on for days and you can't relax on the other side of the story you know the person is going to be going down on one knee with this ring. You've got to keep hiding it, moving it. Is it staying on you? It's suitcase and you're so worried about getting yourself down every couple of minutes because it's the money you've got to get it right. You need the ring, sir Thomas had a hell of a story even just hiding this room because I know whenever I'm behaving suspiciously, my wife is up. What are you doing? Now even if I just moved my bag slightly, she got what's in there. Just Spidey. It's like border patrol. So Tom, please tell us the amazing story about the proposal. You've kind of hit the nail on the head very nerve wracking. It was my late grandmother's engagement ring. A very special piece of jewelry in my family. My mother brought it with her when she visited from New Zealand. And I arrived on the 23rd of December. The plan was to propose in Japan on the 1st of January. So I had a pretty long window to try and look after. How did your mom Palmer off to you, by the way? So she or she sort of gives you a hug and then slips it in the ear or. No, luckily, Mario was on a night shift that night. So she waited till she went to bed and then kind of said, oh, by the way, I've got the I've got the package. Why are you talking like that? She's made a slight paralysis. And so I got a position of the ring on the 23rd. It got put in a ring box which then got put in a fabric sunglasses case, which I then folded into a sock and put at the back of my socket. I was terrified. So, and that was where it stayed until we got to Japan. I think did you have any hand luggage? I had to have the ring on me the entire time. I can't put that in the suitcase. I couldn't trust that it wasn't in like a bag that would go through baggage handlers or anything. Are you still carrying it in the sunglasses case inside the sock inside the undies inside the board? So I had to wait till she took the dog out for a walk. I transferred it to the inside of a headphones case. So it was inside a headphones case. However journey this ring spinning. And then as I went through security, I had to make sure that she went through security before our bags went through because I was terrified that you know how when you go through security. You can look at the screen. And there's a glinting

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