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U. f. c. also his thoughts on darin corbin a tall wrestler maligned by ardent fans for not being great unring worker. And maybe being called up too soon. Got kevin ashes evaluation to him also his reaction to the ratings. Wwe's pg rating problem. Shinsegei nakamura's upside on the main roster. His thoughts on kevin owens. He's a fan spoiler alert and also the rise of aj styles. Kevin nash has some great insight into aj rising at his age at that time and his huyton with southern accent and he still won over. Vincent man also thoughts on the new. Wwe belts raven in also his thoughts on the prospects of donald trump as president of the united states this aired five years ago. A live stream on september fifteenth. Two thousand sixteen. Kevin ash speaks his mind. He does so in an entertaining fashion. One of the smartest guests i've ever had on my show. I've probably spent twenty hours interviewing him over the last fifteen years and he is one of my favorite people to talk to about pro wrestling and and really the world. So settling enjoy this. I think you will If you haven't heard this before you're gonna learn a lot be entertained and if you did here when we originally aired it liked me. I think you'll enjoy listening to it reporting comments from From kevin nash had some ups and downs. W w booking But he is in astute observer of pro wrestling and the people involved in it and he's been around just about all the big the big names so here. We go with today's wade. Keller pro wrestling podcast. Weekend flashback four saturday. September eighteenth twenty twenty one. Welcome to the. P w torch live cast. I am wait. Keller editor and publisher of the pro wrestling torch weekly newsletter established in nineteen. Eighty seven back when ronald reagan was president. And i'm also host of this. Dpw torch live cast. Monday's right after tuesday's right after smackdown wednesdays at one eastern with the mid week flagship talking all kinds of current events is pro wrestling and thursdays at one eastern with the interview thursday format.

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