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Mm come on 993 93 the bob morton the thrower you have to hear to believe and then grab your popcorn because there is more presented by royal style you sit you so you relax that israel spa look i understand i understand and that everybody's got an opinion on the nfl but he sometimes when you want to know where the nfl's thing about maybe should ask a a player or former player coach or former coach general manager a former general manager somebody who's in the business somebody who's a round sports somebody who has a focus on sports i don't know if you necessarily asked the actor like msnbc did with jesse williams now jesse williams is from the show grades anatomy and jesse williams fancies himself an activist and he has spoke can out before has jesse williams this was going back to two thousand sixteen the b t awards and he was a very very clear in that police brutality is a wheel saying a system to build built to impoverished abiding destroy us cannot stand if we do we know that police somehow managed to deescalate disarm and not kill white people every i believe jesse williams's half black and also if you take a look at at crime statistics f if i have the numbers rain i believe i do more white people get shot by police than black people get shot by by police and i'm more than happy to go over those numbers and revise if needed but my goodness gracious this is who he is well here's the guy they asked on msnbc to talk about the nfl and he went to town on owners on white privilege and the idea that there is now meritocracy in footba meaning people don't get positions based on their merit and here's why i think we have this perception that athletics is entirely america crecy in the nfl on proves in were positions it may consider more cerebral that that is to simply not online and they don't know right from wrong because we know seven or eight of these as gave donald trump a million dollars each and.

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