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How you can mimic their success. Authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. All as brian back on the stage here this project you're the project and we wanna slap with authority to your name. You can sell more great. We're here was sheldon. Today's show them primus. And i'm excited to get into this very critical aspect of building your business and Before we dive in those shutting. Let's get right to who you are personally first of all in who you are professionally. All right all right. Well thank you for the the nice little words and starting opened again to primus. Most people don't know you know they see it end. I liked the band owes me money. They own some cash. So my field is safety consulting. And truly it's occupational. Safety and health is to safety guy. You guys that you're working in business and you say no. Yeah let us safety guy. Take care of that and that's pretty much. My my niche in life is working with them. So it wasn't always like that i was working for the city of orlando in florida for a while as a wastewater treatment operator and even before that i was one of the guys young legs young back at the time early twenties. That would be picking up the garbage running behind the truck grabbing the garbage. Throw nate into kim. And the next one and i had to do that pretty much because it was a temporary job that gave me an opportunity that if the city wanted to higher then they hire from their temporary pool first and then i would be able to get a fulltime job. So you know. Young man had hustle. So i did it and they said we had a position for wastewater operator i. I don't know what it is but it's a fulltime job. I'll take it. And and that's really where i got started and somewhere along the line. They said we need a safety You willing to do the safety guy. And i was like i'll do it What's in it and they say. Well you'll get a couple of hours a day that i could just focus on safety. I get an office. And i get card that i could buy stuff with of me twice. Doing got me started. And then my final position. I was in the safety when i got started was in the s. Well no no excuse me now. Yeah ninety four date myself and my last position was with i worked for a special district of the state of florida but by then all my my duties was safety and compliance and kind of worked my way through Get my bachelor's degree and my masters wallows working full-time and it's worth it isn't it. I don't know if you've done that route but you got to you. And when i finally finished up i was like I'm a little burnt with government. Worked so i decided. Let me see what it's like to to start my own business so two thousand eight. I started my own thing. As originally i was going to try to be a consultant to utilities water and wastewater but i figured while i know a lot about safety to. Let's add that in had to pivot because it wasn't paying bills you're right. I made to quick switch. When i started doing more osha compliance than for you guys that aren't into us. Osha occupational safety health administration. They're the people that regulate the the safety. And health of the us workforce and i started getting trained to be osha of authorized. If you will. And after that i kinda started answering the same question over and over again about safety consulting and i decided to be a safety consultant and now my job is i. Am the consultant to the consultants niche. Okay so that's your current prog. I assume that's next question correct. Yeah that is it all right so what what is your daily routine. Look like routine is all kinds of jack. Sometimes i can't tell you. Sometimes i start out. Where a waking up. And i'm watching netflix. And stupid stuff just to get my mind. You know free But i'm constantly. You know the october were bug where you're like like that movie where squirrel. I think it was one of the other movies where the dogs kind of chasing something and all of a sudden sees a squirrel in is might go into this girl. That's the entrepreneur. Mind so I've always have project. I'm working on in right now. Trying to I've always said this. I am truly the. I decided to teach people the business of being a safety consultant so my day to day job is all either worked on a podcast And then i'll also help with my personal clients. That i still have and then also i'm trying to figure out what is the next best thing resource wise to help my clients which is going to be other safety consultants and a truly i. I kind of try to find different ways to help other people. So that's what my day looks like in its searching internet. It's writing programs right now. I'm doing a lot of videos. So if it's it's different from each day and sometimes they actually just don't do nothing. Is that okay to say does not i. I love that. I love that. So let's dive into that because it seems as a hit you with something here. Go ahead and you have a very unique. Niche is very unique. But how do others get into into funding in niche. Do we do we really need. One is the first question for you. Well the answer to that one is yes. And it's very simple but truly The way that our society is right now globally. We have spent time energy on money just about on anything that interests us and we could find it at a fingertip when we're going through all our devices so if you now can think of what problem have you salt in pass or what problem has somewhat people keep telling you about and you're like this is the third time this month. That someone's asked me about this exact same thing right. You got a niche right right. Okay okay yeah you build it no come simple as part of a part of my model here so but okay so can you give us. The steps is there. Are there steps to finding our niche. What is what is what is the process that you've seen 'cause you're you seem like you kind of kind of walk into your gift walked into a profession. What what what.

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