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Offense. Oh, you are a. Day. Awesome school. You are. Teams boys and ghouls welcome through the audit shape, e boo and boo. I'm your host, Mike blood. All right. Get out of here. Nick Wilson get out. Gotta you gotta you're a rockstar to to go practice with. Hey, everybody. Sorry about that distraction honor of the late in Holiday Inn, true being beef fashion. We are behind on the tread the real Mike bloom. It's here. Talk about episode six of survivor, David versus Goliath. Thank you all for staying past that horrendous intro for those have really been through the first thirty seconds. We're here to break. Everything down on a really exciting panel here. Let me first introduce our spring loaded killing machine Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm gonna say we'd better do a better job on this podcast and the brownies did on that Amir new challenge. But I think what the intro we've already lost that. Okay. That's fine. We can dump as much water as we want. The the wells already drop the liquid our listeners. And I think we just I I was the Mike why just dropped completely and it's still diverse. Jeff Brooks is freaky out of a we're so happy, no matter who might be listening to be joined by this guy, if you are an international survivor listener, he's no stranger. You have heard him talk. Endlessly doing this fantastic coverage of Australia survivor champions versus contenders. They just spent the past few minutes feeding vegetables to each other over our respective microphones Nikai danza, welcome back to the BNB. How you doing? Thanks for having me goes. And if you went hemorrhaging listeners with that introduction. You definitely go to be hemorrhaging listeners because people have to be listening to voice again after very long and winding stralia and saw apologies old you out there who have to hear my voice again. But I'm so excited to be. He lost having me. Yeah. Of course. Well, Nick, I guess we could just like cut straight to it. Because you had a really interesting sort of jog o- across the sea, basically from covering, Australia and survivor too. You know, I think we were Australia survivor NDA to concurrently with David versus Goliath season going on so sort of what was your transition from Australia and survivor back into the American version? And now that we have sort of have officially ended the pre merge structure of this season. What have your thoughts on it? So far. It's funny because like the second civil of US of office season of the year, I'm always soil like hesitant to get involved with. I just feel like gone through this like months and months of strategy and survivor that just goes way too long way too much, and I just had being JAT like these Halloween kids just like binging out a way to much candy, and then Americans have office, and I just like need to take a break because heroes healers hustle is odd didn't I didn't listen to the I didn't stop that until about five or six weeks. And I've binged it, but I got started on me. I watched the first episode I was hooked. So like, the usual curse of straddling survival. Keeping me away did not keep me away. Because this has been really really really fun. It's so fun for this coast. Actually that should be the new metric of how good a season is like screw ranking. Screw whatever it is that people wanna use like, well, Nick happily watch this then. They're all in Las trillions survivor. That really is the true metric, exactly, right. Exactly. Right. So good. I I'm loving it. Like, the absurdity of some of these like votes, and of some of the topics that had been brought up jacket, gay, and everything is just that's why I love civil have it because it's you can never predict what is going to be the topic. When throw people together like cave is always blindsides alliances. But it's these random stupid things which just make my heart sing, well Liana. What did you think about this most recent episode? I know that I put out the call on Twitter to to rank the pre merge episodes, and I know that ranking can be arbitrary and reductive according to other RHA podcasters, but I figure, you know, why not I would say that for me at least this was still a good episode. There are a lot of positives..

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