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Com slash health and more information online at tri health dot com very very simple seven forty eight right now seven forty eight and as the world begins to open up the country begins to open up they say conventions are gonna start opening up not sure how many people are in the mood for a but some conventions are having a fair number of people sign on conventions are a one hundred billion dollar industry on the country of course we've had that same dearth of conventions around here but where they have a lot of them Orlando is the second busiest convention center in America Orange County convention center and they're beginning to book conventions and people are signing up and getting hotel rooms and things are beginning to in that regard get back to normal the first was going to be a builders convention only twenty three hundred people but I guess it's a start and then in Chicago working on the same thing the McCormick places will be the biggest convention center in America and they're beginning to re book as well so I mean those are the areas you don't really think believe they'll get the job done not that they did conventions in the the impact on hotels downtown and I saw the one is finally open the one that was the Anna Louise inn is now a luxury hotel and I saw some of the photos in the business carrier website that's a good looking place so we'll see no word on anything checking local label given air to it it's got about seven fifty it's a dramatic whether it's Brennaman and Jones on baseball all coming up somewhere out there there's a man on a park bench eating his five hundredth P. B. N. J. he has no idea Papa John's has new property is that are way better than a boring sandwich with Papa John's best meats cheeses and veggies hand folded into crispy flatbread crust someone better tell that man get a new property in one of four flavors for just six Bucks better ingredients better pizza better than a sandwich of a job not valid with this country's in Texas after prices may vary.

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