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Yeah of course. I associate whatever's happening with this little model house in the light has to be with the mom. We know that hill house is where nell died. We know he'll house is where the mom committed suicide. And the fact that it seems to be calling all these kids home feels like a threat next episode touch which is of course the theo episode. We all know the oh she is. Yeah maybe you like her the best name because she was the most fun in the nineteen sixty three movie. She's an expert. She is an ex man. I mean she's kind of rogue with the gloves but also truthfully kissed her attitude. She's the one who is like the i. Don't give a fuck of the family. You know now we know which what you are the family she is the least tormented. And the least gonna put up with other people's drama. She's going to go off to her own thing have one night stands and not get emotionally attached and that's a good thing not being able to get emotionally attached. Yeah let's let's dig in on that because you're right. Yes she's someone that i would say can't stand to look at the past is afraid to get close to look at things and be intimate and so she's trying to live in the surface her response to hill house will see an early scene she gets the classic moment of something holding my hand in the dark is that she doesn't want to be touched. That's why it's the name of the episode but it's also doesn't she get those memories if she's touched just that someone was holding her hand yes she touches someone she can tell what's going to happen to them or get some kind of premonition. She's a sense medium. Which i don't know if that was clear in any previous movie version. It was very clear in the novel. If you read the shirley jackson novel they go into that specifically and if you read or see hell house which the richard. Matheson quasi rebuttal of hill. House the psychic character in that one. We reviewed that right. Yes right exactly and that one would work the same principle. She touch things and she could be. They're dead zone. Christopher walken yeah touching the objects but here she's touching the people but it's not just people it can be objects because receiver and i thought this was really clever now kind of knowing the tropes of hill house. Okay this character psychic and she'll touch that box and go. There's something in there and of course there's a bottle of wine and she'll do that throughout. I'm like oh that's clever. They're they're hinting. Maybe she is psychic rates. Oh my god so now. It's it meets the shining meets the dead zone. I mean we can play. The game of of stephen king references. But i'm really not doing that when i'm watching this piece. I'm not sitting there thinking about other horror movies. That i've seen i i feel like i'm invested in the drama and katie seagal. Just so you know is mike flanagan's favourite. He married her She is the star of his home. Invasion movie hush and. i think he's put her in every movie he's had since he loves working with kate. And yeah it's nice. We have a new me yovich in the world. Yeah maybe but better actress than that. I will say i feel like she's pretty good here. They've retained what. I liked about theo in the other versions When we see her in the present but in the past. She's kind of the one that she's not really seeing ghosts. It's more like things. Just touching anything scarcer. You know what i mean like. She can't even think about the haunting. It's more about like. I don't wanna get close to things because if i do i'm going to experience something bad. And that becomes pretty clear when she sends luke down in the dumb waiter. Yeah you know this is going to wrong. He's supposed to go. The dumb waiter goes down and of course there's going to be a ghost in there. What i found interesting. And of course he does. He see some corpse crawling. Adam and his parents were able to get him to come up. That was a fun horror moment for me. That was like old school man in the skeleton. Outfit funny oh. I'm telling you luke gets like the scariest happening get i know. Do not doubt why he ends up doing heroin. Yeah and again. Who wouldn't want to do this if i were a kid. And there was a like a kid. Elevator like it only holds hundred pounds. Only i can get in there like of course you would go down there. Of course you would do what. He's doing here but trauma for sure his going to come back up. Clothes ripped and key development here. He's going to tell people what he saw and no one will believe him and that is really his life story. No one will ever believe luke only. Theo believes him because when she touches him she knows it's true. Yeah they're gonna find out again. I'm looking at all these little mysteries they're hitting at. Oh there's no nothing on the blueprints for this house for a basement and then they'll find it the obe thanks to her you know measuring some steps out and finding this door and oh it's a bootlegger seller and that's why it wasn't on the prints. Here's the thing with this film. It's the hunting hill house. There's a lot of ghosts they're like. I don't think we're ever gonna know the full history. Maybe that's on purpose. Maybe that's the funded. They're just so much history in this house will never know but feel like they do so like. Oh yeah..

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