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I am quietly very excited about their offense i think as albis freddie freeman a kuna i think they are all going to be really really productive this year i think he and they're bitter kudapokuna started aaa because you can't while asia is at at all had issue and had a disgrace um and so i think and here's why moose fits right he is young enough where he could conceivably grow four two to three years with most of the braves core right ander inciarte a freddie freeman ozzie albee's a kuna and dan's be swanson are nominally the braves core writing most stockists fit right in the middle will younger than freeman little older than than the younger guys and i think that would make some sense that makes a lot of sense thank you here there were smart guy thanks you should be on a baseball park s that you guys let me get involved low more each week i'm just getting i get zapped if i talk too much what kind of grew up these guys together you guys can handle it however you'd like allance lance lynn and alex cobb county the after jake arrieta options yet i got lance lynn to the phillies because they are a up the ass of jake arrieta in if i have jake arrieta going to the brew crew there so i mean if they're still in the market for a guy can throw some innings that's lance lynn uh but alex cobb pains me to say this dallas and if the yankees make a lot of sense and if the yankees make a lot of sense especially uh like i said with a lot of these guys if they keep fucking waiting this out in the price comes down uh i i mean everyone keeps saying all right wall you know the red sox they have the better rotation the eggs out the better lineup for the better bullpen what they get sorta it doesn't exactly even things up because this was an this isn't like a um.

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