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Investor group dot com or find us on your favorite podcast app At one 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Good afternoon If you headed northbound on I 95 in Virginia watch out for this There is definitely a crash there just after the garrisonville road exit a single left lane is all that's getting by So if you want to avoid that delay garrisonville road will be your last points to exit as of now the delays will begin near courthouse road southbound dealing with some rubbernecking delays of course that is to be expected headed through Fredericksburg basically between route one and plank road you are going to see on and off delays in either direction no crashes though just volume delays Also I 95 you've had to tune from one 23 You're also going to see some brake lights northbound the delays begin near the Dale boulevard exit 66 you got the work crews out there on the eastbound side you got a left lane blocked between one 23 and over towards nutly street westbound you got the right lane blocked on your approach towards route 50 In the district the southeast Southwest freeway is slowing down though we're not hearing about any accident scenes you're slow if you're headed into Virginia basically from south capital street down towards a case bridge Elsewhere the Internet will loop the bellway looking a little bit better there near Connecticut avenue but you're still slow in either direction just watch out for a little extra volume than usual Southbound to 70 the crash was reported to be on the far left shoulder but you still seeing delays between urbana and the heights town exit One O 9 is where you're going to see that accident scene Cox can help you connect with everything you love in 2022 plus one of the whole family is connected panoramic Wi-Fi helps your Wi-Fi stay fast and reliable Learn more at Cox dot com Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Now the forecast from storm team fours chuck bell What a great look on Monday afternoon All sunshine and temperatures delightfully mild more than 10° above average Today's forecast highs 62.

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