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What's that who's the color as the jewish you noticed joe steals she's customers that you can't keep the desk that stole the copying i'm trying to be violent with nicky slaps keeps that paper like a loose leaf strap blow the party can be nikola party pilipinas space kupuna link with more you can actually afford to get a pink you'll nick and you just hit with gotti but my god you're so bad by them things went ahead of a saudi my son goes to the party sports papa stores trump is not as nick menards cardi b right their motor sport already beatles to my man logic it is a great marriage going on guy you know saying yeah collaboration and that wasn't a joke at all but there's a great collaboration marriage museum of mary but yet logic getting together with sam smith and we all know that has got this beautiful voice and he recently a couple of months ago dropped his album and there's a song on their called pray and logic jumped on for a remix lately will the devil take me protect me why imperfect me they don't want me happy they don't wanna let live and food decisions news i don't want to be biased by that legit has been my favorite song on that album since it come out prey is such a beautiful salt lake the first time i saw him performing i was at home and i just started crying because the message in there is just like he's talking about like not really having a religion or like you know having that in his life but feeling this need to just pray and i love that logic jumped on it and he also sends out a tweet that said this is the most important feature i've ever done writing from the perspective of someone who feels unwanted and unaccepted i'm here to tell you there are others like there are others out there like you you are loved and you can be yourself thank you sam smith or giving me the platform so go listen to the full version trust me i know you're you're going to love it and a new movie out this weekend tyler perry's acrimony this is starting to raji henson charming slick for that's what he's saying do you know the last thing a woman wants to.

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