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To try to pepper it down to what you're looking for. Smart teams called. That's what they do. They check in smart general managers looking to see how they can improve their team. Russell Wilson would improve nearly every team in the NFL. All right, last one before we get out here, our last piece of sound. This came from a Mark Willard show on Wednesday night. He had stamps Selman Giants left handed reliever who actually think is a pretty nice players. 29 years old, but a lot of time in the minor leagues of the eight seasons in the minor leagues get out of Vanderbilt, Previously on the Royals, I think he was drafted by it's been around the league for a little bit, at least as a journeyman, minor leaguer. The question for you gun to your Head Carrie right now, who's the closer for the San Francisco Giants? In 2021? There's no way I can answer that. Jake McGee, Jake McGee, can I say that? I mean, he's the he's the guy with the most experience, but yeah, it's wide open. We'll pump the brakes there were talking Jake McGee, for we got a left and right way. Gotta left you right here on the Mark Willard show on KNBR from Wednesday and he says he might like an opportunity to close here, Sam Selman. Yeah. I mean, I love to do it. I had a had a little bit experience. My first one against Seattle last year. That was That was a lot of fun and a good time. And I definitely love to be in the role again. And we're definitely gonna have Ah, lot of guys competing for that role. Everyone can fill it in. And I honestly maybe a closer by committee for a little while rolling the hot hand and see how it goes from there, But, um, Yeah, well, we'll see what ends up happening in spring training and I'll get it all sorted out. Okay. Two things he wrote on two ideas there that I'm not Super Fund of a It seems something Closing be. It's It's closer by committee man. I don't know any team in baseball history. No harsh on himself. I got no qualms with Selman himself, but I'm like looking at, you know what's he got, like eight games finished in his big league career. I think he's got eight saves.

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