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The family of the suspect from the university of Idaho stabbing murders is pledging to let the legal process unfold. In a statement released Sunday through legal counsel burger's parents and sisters say their cooperating with law enforcement to promote coworkers, presumption of innocence. The statement also expressed condolences for the families of the four college students who were fatally stabbed back in November. Kober's chief public defender has said his client is eager to be exonerated and plans to wave extradition. The suspect was arrested in Pennsylvania early Friday and is facing four counts of first degree murder. An extradition hearing is set for Tuesday. New York governor Kathy holcomb making history after being sworn in for her first elected term on Sunday. The Democrat from buffalo becomes the first woman elected to the position in the state. Let's use these coming years to truly make a difference for each other and to make this state stronger than it's ever been in our glorious history. New York just as you have put your faith in me. And I thank all the voters of New York. I also have faith in you. She noted her goals were to increase public safety and make the state more affordable, huckel defeated Republican congressman Lee zeldin in November's election to win the office, she took over in 2021 after former governor Andrew Cuomo resigned. A new COVID variant is rapidly spreading across the country. Here's Dina kodiak. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the new omicron variant called ex BB .1 .5 accounts for over 40% of all confirmed cases in the U.S., CDC officials expect the variant to increase across the country and become the dominant strain of COVID in the northeast. In the last few weeks of December, COVID hospitalizations rose nearly 40% to cross the nation. I'm Dina kodiak. At least two people are dead after shooting in Florida early Sunday, cops in o'clock, gunfire broke out in an area where a crowd of about 100 people were gathered, along with the two fatalities, four others were injured, and in stable condition the investigation continues, and it was the Steelers over the ravens 16 to 13 on Sunday Night football in Baltimore, the Steelers now 8 and 8, the ravens turned and 6. I marked me field. One GOP congressman is describing TikTok as digital fentanyl

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