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I don't know anything about nick fuentes but you've cautioned against him and i sometimes see people on the right praising him who is he he is a nasty little guttersnipe with an iq of one of five who hates the jews who hates the jews. They're kind of like hitler a seriously. Why do we have people on the right. Like nick fuentes. Yeah i don't understand. I don't know anything about them. Okay i'll tell you what because jews on the right to a better job of asserting their priorities than we christians. And that's not their fault they're supposed to so jews on the right who care a lot about israel do a good job of keeping israel on the front burner of american policy. We christians. we don't do such a good job of fighting against abortion or finding religious liberty or fighting for the integrity of marriage so envy envy okay so by but some pointers is. You're saying he's anti semitic. Is there anything else we need to know. I just know that you've brought him up. In the past. I want my audience clear. The or is an unfortunate tendency on the on the nationalist america. First ready of which i'm apart. I was pat buchanan delegate to the ninety six republican convention. There is a nasty element. Rising within the nationalist. Right the america i right. That is resentful of jewish americans success at asserting their particular priorities. What i say is you don't have. It will get better at do better. I care in the middle east. I primarily care about the fate of christian minorities in muslim countries who are religiously oppressed. I think we christians need to do a better job speaking up for that if you think the jews are really good at asserting. Israel's interest go be better at asserting. The interests of christians in the middle east go compete with a

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