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This game against davidson they survived it wasn't pretty they shut terribly from the field shoot a lot better on saturday and i know buffalo had their moment and then a dulling that is cinderella right out it's tough to go against kentucky on saturday talking like you said compared to what they had you know back earlier in the year they november look like five dollars a day i'd never met each other and now they're actually playing like a team i think i don't i don't that that's a tough task for buffalo and take on that that kentucky team we see this all the time dave with teams that have the signature upset common back that following game night easy very few now gulf coast was able to delhi they got this week sixteen vcu obviously was able to do it they got all the way to final four sandwich mason but for every one of those examples i'll give you a georgia state and win their first game it was gainesville middle tennessee state and i remember this was yesterday i'm watching games down the dominican republic at bachelor party was absolute nevada drinking hand segalla beach bar mojica's and a games paris paris little nervous they wouldn't have him but i'm only going to dominican republic worried about basketball but his tournament week can't get enough all games are on and i'm watching at middle tennessee state game against michigan state michigan state was pick everybody had everybody had michigan state you willing to hope that circes one couple of hours early i'm doing win sprints on the beach i'm as pumped up is can be because i knew after winning game my that the following tough to adjust especially against a system and all famous coach and team you never seen before buffo is doing all of those things i sat a big win talkative tournament now kentucky the talent and cal peres waiting for you i take a buffalo away eight seventy seven hundred thirty seven.

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