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Than two. Random people got sent there. They lie was my favorite part of the episode just small. Thing that I thought it was about this was Kuba calling Nathan, Mr. Saturday, phase, and cutting him on island of secrets crying in this really emotional conversation with Nicole, but, you know this about talking about I mean, I'm so intrigued by Nathan's at it, because it really seemed like this episode was like, oh he's checked out of the game. Was he not the person who last episode was coming up with this convoluted plan to throw the challenge to, you know, or to get unanimously voted out, which I definitely think would have happened like I said last week and in clearly out the did. So what, what happened was that planning to go through the elementary finally hitting him was the fact that, you know, now it's officially like two weeks into the game. He said, I think tentacle like leaving home was one of the hardest thing to do, but yet another a hate Boehner, edit coming from Cuba's, as well, that all he was doing this episode was complaining about Nathan which was sort of a result of the mile wide stair he gave him during the challenge last week. But yeah, we have Mr. sad face, and we have Mr., I don't know why but hoops. Just complain the entire time like even when everything came back. He's like Nathan coming up with this stupid stories, so I'm intrigued to see anything comes at that as well. With two guys against each other. Now, this is becoming another rivalry, like the, the Rocco Mike rivalry is happening as well. There's a lot of tension in some of these tribes that haven't gone to tribal council episodes, because now may actually have been a bit of a disaster drive, so they haven't been able to get others frustration. So I'm interested to see what happened next week. But in terms of, of secrets, what I really love about island of secrets. And also, the apples from Salaya, the Zealand, is that if something happens every time and we don't know what it is. But there's that expectation of like, okay we'll what happened. You know what happens when you come back to camp goes island ruin that by giving the out of game for you which anyone could have said, so I love this, and I wanna talk about the lion. Why disliked it so much? And then I wanna give Bill is because it was so convoluted mostly didn't like it from Nicole perspective. Because it was. Matic. It was convoluted things going on discrepancies in the story small discrepancies to live discrepancies that I want to talk about his. I mean, it's hard to do a lie on two different islands that you have to completely sell, and then what Nicole gets out of it is that they don't know she has a whole idol, but they know she has Hossan idle and the clue second half. I'm like are they know she has ninety percent of an idol got nothing out of it basically basically know all the information and don't trust? Like I feel like what they were trying to do both the Hosoi be really honest for a lot of it, so that they trust you within withhold Heeb of information, but I feel like the live made them seem to shady for reasons. They, it was so convoluted and they didn't believe them. And then the truth was too revealing. So now they know so much of what is real, and I have massive problems with this. I actually like this for Nathan a lot more than two and I will, I will say off the bat first off who them for actually getting their story straight, I was very worried. Cut back to Nathan that much like the poll Eydelie at the swap that Nathan would just come up with a completely different story. But it seemed like they were both on the same page about this really. Because this subtlest discrepancies. Like, for example. Any Cole says it was a choice of boys of them like.

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