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Dot right you are sliding the MLS's Philadelphia union as a major Philly sports team why he he's making reference to my poll question tonight white said the four major Philly sports teams everybody's got their line where they draw it in the sand what is a major sport Hey don't always won two championships they won the most recent championship here in town I am a huge college basketball fan college football is it near as big the owls have had a couple nice seasons under a couple of different cultures as a matter of fact and because that's where my daughter just went to school I'm a fan of the temple football program but it just doesn't capture the attention of the overall sports fan in Philadelphia the way the flyers Sixers Phillies and eagles still hi Larry if you want to accept an apology because I'm not a huge soccer guy I like to defend myself by saying I'm not a soccer hater and it seems to me soccer is one of those sports where you have the polar opposites the people who really are soccer demo tapes and think it's the greatest board and trying to apply its status as maybe the biggest sport on the planet to the United States where it just plain isn't but if you get a soccer salad they'll try and tell you that it is and explain to you how it is it's just not and then the people who don't like soccer or decry it and say it's so boring and Neil no can't be had and there's no action because there is no score I'm not that way I really I'm not I don't have any problems with soccer bothered then if that would help lead over opinionated fanbase that think it's the biggest sport United States because the biggest sport world we're just talking about the United States so I maybe it's a little bit of my own individual bias against soccer but we're moving that the MLS chances in the NHL it's not M. L. B. it's not the NBA and it carries tackles in the NFL it just isn't so I draw my line in the sand after the four major sports and it is the four major sports in my mind professionally putting college inside the four major sports football basketball baseball hockey soccer is below that and yes where I draw the line that's the difference between being made here and not being made more disparaging union they're seizing got canceled like everybody else's season don't know when they're coming back hi if memory serves at night you're right I haven't thought about the union in months they were having a pretty good season were a pretty good team not qualified not qualified for my question and if that is in any way disparaging or sliding of the union so be it that I I'm not going back and changing my question at this time the question is which of the four major sports teams have got advance further in an extract in the playoffs flyers Sixers eagles Phillies you tell me you could tweet at Jodie Mac man that K. O. D. Y. in case you're wondering M. A. C. M. A. N. or you get on my phone all.

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