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Welcome back to the program. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Derek Hunter. This is the Derek Hunter show looking at the news there. Oh, by the way, the number would be a part of it. 410 wcbm, 6 80 or 100 Wcbm 6 80. Joe Biden. They're expecting some announcements to supposed to be tomorrow. But who knows? Um Joe Biden is expected to announce the guy and Antony. There's no H in his name. So I assume Antony Antony Blinken. Blinking. Sounds like a misspelling to be his secretary of state. I love all his wars he was in the Obama administration. And we'll carry out. It's amazing to me. That the left is going so berserk over foreign policy in this England Donald Trump's was such a horrible foreign policy president. It's really terrible what he did. We're gonna have to restore The U. S the image abroad. We must do that. What is the image abroad? We have been bombing people, but in bomb a wedding when bombed Americans, both things that Barack Obama did. What we did do what he did do what Donald Trump did is what none of them thought was possible. He brokered peace between Israel and a bunch of its neighbors. In a way that Woz scoffed at by the so called experts who I imagine include Mr Blinken. But it was a new approach. Smart new approach. Hey, hey, if the Palestinians are not willing to Negotiate in good faith. Why should we waste our time negotiating with the Palestinians? Let's cut them out of the process. Now Palestinians are jumping around going. Wait a second. We need to be in this process. Yeah. The whole process was about you for decades, and it got nowhere. Had pretty much everything you wanted handed to you on a silver platter on multiple occasions..

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