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President congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who represents Hawaii's second congressional district in Honolulu in the past hour or so saying the future will require every one of us to stand up against the military industrial complex and powerful self serving politicians who have a vested interest in perpetual war. The current White House occupant tweeting hours ago about the democratic Virginia governor ending the message with the word unforgivable governor Ralph Northam saying he never even saw the photo on his page of one thousand nine hundred eighty four medical school yearbook with two people one in black the KKK costume. He says neither person has him. And he'll try to prove it. There are several different measures to. Yes. To look at things such as facial recognition. And again, I hope everybody in Virginia will be patient with me that's gonna take a little bit of time amid widespread calls for him to resign and says he will not also refusing to step down Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who held a big pro Madero rally in Caracas at which he didn't just speak. Did this? Notable Venezuelan general announces his allegiance to opposition lawmaker Guido not president Madero ABC's in panel in Caracas signs, the US sanctions and seize assets really starting to buy and that affects Maderas ability to pay off and keep happy his supporters and backers even so there are very few signs that many of them ready to switch sides, perhaps most worrying both sides saying that ready to fight.

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