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Ton of other stuff, it's a tough sell. You are so wrong. What do you mean all wrong? I play baseball through two time up until I was sixteen years old. Baseball was just as fun as any other sport to play now. Obviously individuals have their preferences. It was never my my favorite sport was football, basketball and baseball, but baseball is fun to play I. Give It to you to sit there and watch one game in June. On a Tuesday night on television when there's one hundred sixty two of them, and it doesn't really matter who wins or the that that love watching the playoffs. I watch some regular season, but I really tune in for the playoffs. Because something's at stake, I wish major league. Baseball were cut their number of games. Yes, who about eighty significant? Honestly, yeah, eighty to a hundred I know they won't. Because of the money I was. Basketball would cut it to about sixty five, but they won't because of the money as well, but here's what I think are the issues that of why African Americans aren't playing baseball as much anymore? Let me say this I. J MAC! This is only a problem. If African. Americans aren't getting the opportunity to play. It, if look, if the if Major League Baseball is overwhelmingly white and other races, and they're very few blacks playing because blacks either aren't good enough or don't WanNa play then. That's not a problem. We're not talking about how a quota in major league baseball. We got to have a certain number of black players. If if we don't WanNa play are good enough fine. But I. Don't think that's the case we've shown in the past. We clearly good. Yeah, that'd be soon, so it's it's it's either. Are we just don't WanNA play anymore. What so here here? My reasons number one I think. The first thing is that. It's easier now. You see the Hispanic population in the imagery. Baseball has risen dramatically as African American population has dropped because it's cheaper for these teams to go down to South America to the Caribbean and set up academies down there and get kids, and you can sign him for less money, and all that that's way out of there for that's a lot right and there's a lot cheaper for major. League baseball do. Do that then the develop kids in America that that is just, but that doesn't affect us..

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