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To me the peaks and valleys are. How i i like to eat now like the cook. Which is that you know. One bite is one way the next bite another way and one by sweet one by sour one bite is like an explosion. That's by more mellow one. Bite his crunchy one by soft. So you know for me. Balances is about more than just you know sweet and sour sour spicy salty. Crunchy soft rich so trying to balance those out and then again creek the peaks and valleys where one is more exciting in the next but doesn't mean the next one is boring. Just means that it's kind of setting up for the next one so you kind of go up up and down in these peaks and valleys and that's kind of what i look for in my my dining experiences as well as mike working behind. Every amazing flavor is an amazing human who has cited their crowd. Welcome to flavors unknown behind the scenes. Look at new flavors and the chefs pastry chefs and bartenders. Who create them with your host emmanuel. Welcome to episode seventy two of the flavors unknown podcast. My guess today is chef. Dan kluger from lowering. Place in manhattan. I'm your host emmanuel laroche and if you need to the split cast. I've been working in the food industry for more than twenty years both in europe and in the us and every other week i share inspirational stories of us known genera leaders and how that cultural identity shape their creative process. Dan kruger work with known chefs. Such as danny meyer's floyd condos tom colo- q. And joshua wars and he became the leading force beyond some of new york top kitchen including josh. Abc kitchen where he won the james beard award for best new restaurants today. Chef dan kruger is going to talk about is different foot concerts at the restaurant. Lowering the opening two thousand and sixteen as well as the diddy concept of new york. Ron mass style pizza cold washington squares that he launched during dependent megan twenty twenty and he's second restaurants open in january twenty twenty one cold penny ridge in long island city. If you love cookbooks. You should definitely by his new cookbook. Cold chasing flavor way captured the essence of his new york city restaurant lowering place and showing how the tastes are leered in each of the he's simple recipe so welcome chef. I'm really excited to have you on the podcast flavors unknown. Thank you for having me happy. Here's well just wanted to have a little bit of feeding of how you doing with this crazy situation then and even for you. The challenge of opening a restaurant during the pandemic. Can you share with us. Your state of mind. I think my state of mind is concerned. Be a lot worse than no one of the one or lessons. That i took away from my time with the floyd who i'm sure we'll talk about later was newish always taught me to to find gold in every scenario and our some people refer to it as the silver lining. They take you know. I think that's a big part of right now. Is trying to find the gold. Every day that silver lining and visited some silver linings in the first three or four months. You know worked from home for the most part. I felt incredibly busy. But i work from home and so got to see my family more than i normally would have. Maybe two to their chagrin but it was. It was good. And then you know i think workwise this has been interesting year of trying to constantly find better ways to do things smarter ways to do things and just find new things to do and so you know we certainly. We knew it'd be open penny bridge. Which is the second restaurant that we opened among on city but out of learning place we looked at and said we have to find new sources of revenue and much like many people we did family meals. We did meal kits. we've done tons of things and so we're constantly constantly evaluating that constantly thinking of new things to do and most recently decided to launch a pizza place that's for delivery and takeout only through lowering place. So i hardly been those crap is. It's been a for for all the hits that we keep on taking especially financially. It's been somewhat rewarding. I think the team is feeling beat up and exhausted and working harder than ever kaz working leaner. And you know everybody's taking out a lot. But i think you know the most part i think were feeling somewhat inspire positive by the fact that we're still here still taking. Obviously many restaurants have not survivors. I think that's a testament to the hard work that everybody's put in into this constant creativity and and i think you know. Some of it is here to stay in some is not. Your concept is the washington squares correct and act which is comfort food like pizza type of so we said this. Recently you know have worked for a very long time trying to make vegetables the center of the plate and make mitchell's really celebrated thing that we do and for as hard as we've worked at that and creating these amazing vegetables the pizzas and the burger king. The most notoriety and early on we had started this thing called the grandma pizza pizza which is just a a pan pizza basically and people seem to love it so when i was sitting there thinking about other things we could do idea came to me to to come up with a pizza concept that essentially. It's just grandma pam pizzas. It's done out of our production kitchen downstairs which is really there for the kitchen for production large volume which not doing much of and for events which when doing it we had the space we thought we would use. It doesn't have a pizza oven. Regular ovens show pam pizzas work. Really well in there. I've been thinking about doing something. I was at home and i found these incredible oxo pans that i have like oxo she pans but there none failing a nonstick coating and little ridges in them and put a bunch of pizza dough in there and i made a bunch of things and i was kinda of florida how well they came out and said that was the start of it basically six or so pizzas. Some of them are available free as well and then we have three salads some meatballs which are far from the normal meatball and then cookies et sunday that's-that's essentially it's so really simple small menu. Someone inspired by.

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