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Get better get back to your family back to your job back to running your business and all the other important priorities in life and let them do the heavy lifting and they will do the heavy lifting. All of it. In fact, I've had the clients tell us that, you know they couldn't have a doctors. They found him. The doctor or they needed to have some cost. Advanced front did that too. And again nobody. I still want to go to court. But if you do you have them. There's your lawyers have not their litigating your claim and trying to get a settlement and over the last two years, $4 million in rewards to the clients of the law offices of Michael Friedman They're good. They get results, and they care about your recovery. So that's the reason why I strongly recommend the law offices of Michael A. Freedman for 10 363 68 48. Tollfree 1 870 to 72 03 And don't forget they're very informative Website M a f law dot com Well, a group of doctors and engineers. Money from Oregon worked for months to develop a ventilator to treat covert 19 patients. Around the world on again, we find out that this latest ventilator. That they got approval was designed by a teenager. His name is Avi Gupta. Of a recently was on episode of Teen Jeopardy. Smart kid did well on jeopardy, but then and came out and He found a a ventilator that's much less to manufacturer than the more expensive ones and already doctors air using the ventilators developed by Avi Gupta. Congratulations,.

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