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I hope that's not the case because this does give us another avenue of new set of readers. I was reading an article recently about netflix. There having quite a challenge getting new subscribers because they've already pretty much signed up all of the young ones and other trying to figure out how to get the oldies to sign up. Because like you say we're a bit more resistant to it in their dislike naturally like. Oh yeah this Do this act. This is great. I don't have to pay a paper. Cable cut the cord. so it's kind of opposite of netflix. A problem because they're going after. The older generation in amazon is trying to go after the younger generation. So this carries. I was gonna turn out but again extremely early days answer. We might have more updates as we go. Because that's what i've learned in the week that i've been cramming about villa while done needed to feed it very good cramming and you'll thinking you've thinking of humanity yeah with a random but the another another quirk is you can only have one author name. She can't do so we're like well. How do we listen. Name do we. List it markets in mcleod. I'm leaning towards tv macleod. But she's like well that's not gonna make any sense because it's so that's another thing we're going to have to work out is like how do we wanna list it would. Tv mcleod sounds like maybe Miranda's sleep sister. Maybe as there's definitely things they're still working out. There's definitely things we is the let the learn about it before i do it. But if we do it. I will you know. Keep everyone updated on like how easy it is to. If it's easy to upload episodes what is like upload episodes the tagging system the keywords words. I was giving information that i've heard from other authors. Yeah so aniko says we said Is any in the us. The us old is at the moment. So if your light may saving in the uk or anywhere else for america it ain't but as with most things amazon. They tend to throw these things out around the world once. They tested it in the usa. Early days early days. So let us know what you think is that sound appealing is the you might try and do is the shorter form. Fictions something that you think. Hey yeah i could give that a and just right as you go. Let us know. Get in touch with what you think. And just tell us what you think of us deliver st haggis i hate. They hate us and ways to get in touch on the website. www dot lesbians he ride dot com email lesbians you riot demo dot com face because twitter atlas. He writes a instagram me. And if you love what we do and don't hate us Tv give me a very funny lip. Please consider going and supporting an older cost. Winker doing this What podcast what we're doing during the podcast and all the older up by kat won't my saying during the caused keep of the website and all that goes with it as pesky gremlins in the background. They cost money in. Dick is a despoiling on bicycle fee. I really hope you keep. All of that was very entertaining. I hope you cut it. And also i just think if you do hate us. Can you hold off like a week or so until like meet this deadline tomorrow yet. The my rope itself. You have to eat us. That's fine can use in two weeks. Please yeah but then. I'm into the final month of my next say. Could you hold off till september. That'd be great. Okay yeah all right. Thank you for joining us this week until next time. Stay psyche ryan Thanks for listening to lesbians. You might follow us on twitter at liz you right. We'll show some level

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