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Right there yeah i that if if the really did that because he of you know his strong anti dodger feelings i mean that's a guy who literally did something that is a bad move for himself because he didn't want to play for the dodgers it's almost in the that's not that's not quite in the jackie robinson you know i'd rather retire than be a giant put men that's awfully close that is close hats impressive and just to clear up i said ah tim's younger brothers sean uh or she'll be older brothers sean died at uh at forty four no he's going to wear uniform number forty four a dedicate the season shot sean with thirty seven when he passed away yeah and they said we asked why 44 and against is brother war that number wasted no sooner defender reggie jackson how can add that so so we'll we'll talk with judge shake in forty four was when i was a kid may now is the number you wanted to be now's willie mack with everybody and now now batting number forty four yeah willie mccovey how's everybody wondering 44 yeah that's that's pretty great yours in the '70s probably go buy the '60s are do you to be 24 rick berry will chose it because a willie mays yeah i wonder how many kids today pick their number because of staff or buster abacha you know you see alaudi kids with at curry uniform on right gotta be i don't know if they pick it up for their team but just far as by that steph curry journal my go your jersyans guys here city and and he's got a couple of hanging in europe i get this i've got a bunch of curry jersey's also got the gay you know the the add this to the curry sweatshirt with his logo have you seen the sce logo okay uh in it's put out by under armor anyway they printed a ton of these sweatshirts and somehow we got a bunch of them yeah but before i forget we're talking about wheelchair mothers you see carmelo anthony past jerry west last night on the alltime scoring list for what it's worth so you're saying these legends in a slowly get path it's scoring but in yet you down and gain goes for sixteen in a.

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