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Now is eleven forty one at our Newswatch continues. Some sad news to report about a beloved former bay area radio broadcaster, Ray Taliaferro. Here's family reports that his body was found outside of Paducah Kentucky about a mile from where he was last seen nearly one month ago. Ray was last seen on the night of November tenth when he knocked on the door of a church in Paducah, the church music director later said that he had chatted with Ray for several minutes. But said Ray seemed disoriented and repeated himself several times it was the last anyone saw him is body was found this weekend after an extensive search. He has family is still working on learning. The details of his disappearance and death. Ray was an exemplary journalist at K G O radio for many years. He was the first African American major market radio talk show host in the country. Ray Talia Farrow was seventy nine years old. Well, it's a week of mourning for the forty first president of the United States the nation's four day tribute to former President George Hw. Bush includes a funeral on Wednesday at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. I spoke to an Oakland man who once served as Mr Bush's assistant press secretary. His name is Shawn Walsh. She lives in Oakland from nineteen eighty seven to nineteen Ninety-three. He served in the White House. As an assistant press secretary and saw firsthand now, President Bush dealt with issues like the night of the Gulf war. He just had a completely calm and steady hand he planned out what he wanted to do in advance. And then he executed on it. And he didn't have to boast or brag or spiked the ball in the end zone Walsh is the forty first president should be remembered as a leader with value ethics and courage. The man was just as kind as a day was long, and what people didn't see on the outside to all the things you gets four charity actually he officiated into the same sex. Marriage before that was a popular thing to do again. Lots of quiet decent things he did for for people. And they just don't make them like President George Herbert Walker Bush anymore. The body will be flown to Washington DC for a state funeral before. His body will be returned to Texas for burial. The Richmond city council on Tuesday will discuss whether to study dissolving the city's troubled housing authority and transfer. The authorities section eight subsidized housing operation to another agency city staff recommenced dissolving, the Richmond housing authority and making changes covering the six authority on housing complexes recommendations for those complexes range from selling them outright to continuing to operate them. With changes on how they are administered to converting them into section, eight housing operations altogether. KCBS news time is eleven forty four. We've got sports with Joe Hughes coming up what does building a better Bank. Look like. It starts with building Capital One cafes warm.

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