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I think we're trying to like whistle to me. That one of their songs was called one. Said name one. No i was okay. Well it's called one regret referring to gazelles new home as nine hundred thousand dollar cabin on twitter. No only be- not because it is because she was being mean to me. I so i just hit back. But it's a lovely. It will be lovely. It's not level yet. There's you know things happening but once that happens gets the promised land. It'll be cute. Okay do you regret. Not having ashley joined the other ladies for your music video shoot. No allow okay. Ladies and gentlemen. We went through ten items. We got zero regrets. Thank you very much. Thank you stands by most event. Wow you really do yes. Yes okay meredith. This is a good question. Lou lou latifi feeless. Al wants to know what you think of some of the viewers thinking you called the feds on jenn. What's your reaction. Andy haven't you heard me tell everyone not to come after my family. My let's go to our virtual fans meredith. Justin from queens has a question for you justin. Andy hi meredith. Candice i questioned from maryland. What do you think of Heather doubling down on the defense of gin and her comments she made on watch live about always knowing that have Gyn business was shading. Yeah i mean you know. I think that heather. She has a very strong point of view in loyalty and friendships. And i respect that. That's up to heather. That's up to her and jenn. It's not up to me to you. Know cast judgement on someone else's friendship in terms of her saying the jen's business practices. She felt were were shady. I don't even think that was the exact word she used. But in any case you know it all she saying that things unsavory that was it all. She sang that things didn't add up to her as they didn't too many of us and she had no way of knowing why she was just didn't understand it and you know that was up okay. Here's ellen from florida with a question for canvas. this is actually for my girl candice. do you actually think giselle trying to be a good friend To wendy by bringing up the rumors about eddie and do you think it would have been better. If wendy heard it from giselle instead of ashley i think i know that zell was being messy by bringing it up to the group as a whole which is you know part. That's what she does. You have to accept people where they are she's messy. I do think that it might have been received better like as an iota. Better if she had gone directly to wendy. But you know. I still think that wendy was shocked. I've said many times before that. I don't think that wind. I think wendy thought that she was immune from gazelles tirades in her attacks and her her per foolishness. By the way speaking of foolishness. It seemed like dorothy was intimating to robin that she helped financial home. I am. I going to have to bring another d to another reunion. Yeah because like no one is paying for our mortgage except for christopher de bassett and candidates. Dominique dillard bassett dominique. Not the knee. Dominique that's me. Me and my mortgage payments meredith carly. I want to know after seeing jen's reconciliation. Tonight's episode did you. Do you feel just as dubious as whitney. About how real the friendship is. You know. I have never really understood how. They're in jen's dynamic their relationship. So i have no idea i can't i don't know i don't get it. It's up to them. Candice talk to me about the one week versus three wick..

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