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Eastern, ESPN Radio, ESPN and ESPN News testy and PJ one of the things Mike D'Antoni might be upset about. Raja and Rondo double dribble before he got the left handed layup in and they're shot to break back to you. No, We're just seeing the replay. Much better angle from what we saw was actually a continuous Caldwell Pope. He was trying to pass to Davis. He fumbled it. I believe, as I called it, but it turned out he had two hands on it. At one point a muffin football. D'Antoni should be upset. I call it a double dribble. The Lakers ended up with points off nine run 77 61 Lakers 7.5 to go here in the third rockets in the all black white numerals. James Harden with it slips to pass down to green trying to get it over. Morris couldn't missed it. But offensive rebounder Westbrook, French 14 is Westbrook takes on a Chicks outside the Gordon Eric drives to the dotted line peels and now inside against Morris again, knocks it out of bounds. It'll go off Gordon out of bounds, but Mark keep Morris playing some spectacular defense here in the third Eric Gordon really having trouble getting untracked LeBron James, they clear out the right side lifts from 21 ft away and knocks home a deep to over P. J. Tucker. You talked before about when he puts it on the floor so strong Basket when he's making his perimeter shots. On top of that, it's game set and match. LeBron could smell clothes out. Got 26 points. 18 point lead hardened over James from three. Missed it. Davis Los Angeles rebounds 6 40 left in the third here in Game five. Lakers of 31 2nd round Siri's lead LeBron top inside the Ark, it is Davis was trying to make his way down. The Lady got fouled. Foul against Houston. James Harden with his second personal, not his dominant right now, as they were for the 1st 67 minutes of the first quarter. The problem now is only 18.5 minutes left again. Houston came from way back 22 23 down in the fourth quarter of Game four, but they cannot afford For this whole get much deeper. We need one of those 22 to 4 runs like they have the other night. Here's LeBron James feeding Anthony Davis download finally got it to 80, where he spins and scores. Anthony Davis, eight points here in Game five, Harden the drive and kicked to Jeff Green down 20 points of the Rockets with 6 10 to go here in the third. Gordon on the drive nowhere to go left side pass outside, They go to harden back to green, a decent look at a three It's a miss from the wing tapped all the way out to Houston, Eric Gordon will launch a three from the left side and all it just touches the nylon and that's it. They couldn't wait to shoot. It is the first good look he's had in a while. Just shot it. Anything to quickly Lakers led by 22 in the first quarter, LeBron James a chance to put him up 23, Mrs on the three pointer and a loose ball foul on Danny Green of the Lakers. As James Harden was trying to come up with the rebound, Greed has become like the designated offensive rebounder for the Lakers. Anybody else is shooting. DJ is in there trying to dig out an offensive rebound actually done a good job of it for offensive rebounds in two of the first four games a 16 to Los Angeles Laker run to build the lead 20 points. Markeith Morris will head to the bench with 16 Kyle Koosman checks in now Rajan Rondo back on the floor for the Lakers. As well. Austin Rivers, P. J. Tucker, James Harden, Ben McLemore and Jeff Green for the Rockets. You bring it up from right to left. This is the LeBron short rest period. He will be talking to his team mates from the bench guarantee. Austin Rivers left wing finds hard top pumps in Toronto on the drive offensive foul Danger time again for the Houston Rockets. 5 28 to go in the third. That is found number three. Mr Harden Rhonda, riding on his left hip. You don't have to be in guarding position. You just have to be in the way, but I don't like that call at all. Tony is talking to two different officials. Not one Anthony Davis lifts from 20. It's a miss offensive rebound around. Oh, not there, but Davis clears it and slams it. And the Lakers have rebuilt the lead 20 to midway through the third. Jeff Green, on the other end draws a foul right at the rim is Kyle Kuzma looked to contest him and green. Repair. Likes it. Half court James Harden talking to Eric Lewis. Mike is screaming the wrong word. He's yelling from half court. So Eric Loose skin here on the opposite side. His first green will shoot to James Harden, also arguing his car. His cause with Louis Santoni gives his face mask a lot ofwork. Surprise. The straps haven't snapped a few time changes the first free throw good. Jeff Greene has been a really revelation. Houston late in the season in the postseason, had a couple of tough games in this series. I know they picked him up. He's played very, very lucky enough to coach Jeff Greene was a rookie in Seattle. Few years back, actually drafted by Boston. Then came over Ray Allen trade. That's right. Second free throw Good bye. Green 20 Point game Lakers lead in possession for 50 to go in the third Cal Cosma from the left wing Holding waits for Dany Greene, who has it now in the corner against Harden takes him to the baseline drive against the end line. But he's got paused at about this before on, Artie. Possible tech Following up walking away with David Greene was tight roping. The inline heading underneath the basket touched it at one point The call was hard on the body Could call by Bill Kennedy Hardness three of these four fouls here in the third quarter 4.5 to go in the third off the inbound Anthony Davis back to the basket. Free throw line stops. The dribble sends it out to Koosman. Five to shoot Kyle for three off the rim. No rivers grabs the rebound. Down. 20 are the rocket's Austin rivers gets into the front court, rivers penetrates and kicks outside the hardened, hardened bowling by green lefty floater goes down for Harden. Lakers. I believe yet to turn it over this quarter. Sure, Frank Vogel mentioned at halftime struggle in that department in the first half of the rocket stayed within 11.5 Rondo jump past quarter. Danny Green's three is good. The Lakers in front by 21 with four minutes to go in the third, Mike D'Antoni when we talked about the different problems, he said. Roger Rondo is playing out of his mind. And he's right. I was just a simple little penetration. Finally, open shoot. Most rivers will drive you to the free throw line. Pass out. McLemore off balance. Right wing, three popped in and out with 3 35 left in the third Marando at the top now, 34 years of age. Missed a number of weeks with an injury. Coming to the bubble drives into Tucker offensive foul deejay Tucker has been slammed time and again under the basket. This time he takes the charge. Well, Frank Vogel was a huge, huge fan of Raja Rondo. He loves his ability to orchestrate his savvy on the defensive end, but He admitted even he was a little surprised on Ly about quickly. Rajon Rondo adapted. He played March 10th versus the Brooklyn Nets in Lost Angeles. When he came back, he got hurt the second day of practice all the time. In between the three week camp. No Bubble games did not play in the Portland. Siri's came back in Game one that September, the fourth He was literally almost out. Six months. 177 days, it looks like he hasn't missed a beat anything. He's playing better officials time. Here, Check it out Anthony Davis on the table on the far side while they check out 80, and it looks like he's all right. 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