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Issue. So. You kind of just mentioned that. Racism is not unique to the south. If I may just have critique your title people in the South are not really being big fans of being characterized as races. They were rather learn from their past and move on. So just. Do not think the south still deserves this label, but it is still a part of the region or. Clarify this for me. You are correct in. I don't want anyone to mistake. Racism is southern issue. because. It's not a seven issue. It's more blatant in the south. Think there's less guilt in shame about the south. I think it is interwoven into our history and our past. And we have not done the work. To grow past yet. So. To Kinda just for our audience, would you mind? Kind of speaking of some of the examples of racism that are going on in this country right now. Just to clarify for the audience. I'm happy to actually did a ten video series on Youtube. That started several months ago. It's more fine in this series details what's been going on in the Black Lives Movement and why we've had arrived. During this time. It has absolutely been a perfect storm. And what a mean by that is if it works for the fact, if the overworked parents who usually spend seventy hours a week between their job, running their kids to baseball practice and everything else. if it wasn't for the fact that most of them were at home due to cope with it. And they had the energy in time to pay attention to what was going on. I. Don't think the black lives matter movement would have exploded as much as it did and I'm grateful for and I have a lot of appreciation for our social media outlets. Because everything isn't on national news in that sense. CNN CNBC. With that set. Videos on instagram or face. Of people who were peacefully marching peacefully protesting there was one instance a believe it was in the south it may have been in Atlanta. where. Police officers came. To a protest, they dropped to their knee in a sign of respect. And forty minutes later. Starts Shooting Rubber Bullets at People Were peacefully protesting and they completely turned on the protesters after making a.

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