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Our top story this hour another shake up at the White House director of national intelligence Dan coats will resign in two weeks after two year tenure marked by president trump's clashes with intelligence officials university of Virginia political analyst Larry Sabato says the writing is been on the wall on coach for quite some time he is not necessarily think the world of president trump he's made that a parent at a number of occasions and the president's noted it the president is nominating Texas congressman John Ratcliffe to the post he's a frequent defender of the president and we'll have much more the story coming up at five thirty one WBBM news time five twenty one now report on religion testing our religion knowledge I'm Fred bottom or with report on religion the pew research center traditionally ask Americans about their opinions on certain topics but a new survey asked more than eleven thousand American adults a set of thirty two questions about factual topics related to religion what we find is that there are some topics that the public are more familiar with for example eighteen ten U. S. adults know that Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus most Americans are also familiar with terms it indicates a lack of belief in god for example nearly nine and ten people correctly identify the definition of an atheist as someone who does not believe in god and people are also does miglior with some aspects of Islam six in ten US does know that Ramadan is an Islamic holy month but lead researcher back Alpers says there are some topics that Americans are less than familiar with many Americans struggle to answer some questions included on the survey about religion in public life for example when asked what the US constitution says about religion as relates the federal office holders only about a quarter note that it says no religious test shall be a qualification for holding office this few survey found college graduates did best on this test as did certain groups on average Jews and self described atheist and agnostic an evangelical Protestants score highest on the relational questions we find that mainline Protestants and Catholics and Mormons a far more in the middle of the pack correctly answering between fourteen and fifteen questions right and the public overall got about fourteen questions right out of the thirty two question Albers says most Americans over estimated the size of religious minorities in the United States unaware that Jews and Muslims each account for less than five percent of the population with report on religion Fred bottom or CBS news corps knows HR teams are under pressure to recruit and retain top talent you need more than H. R. tack you need expertise of the core a core our technology saves you time our expertise.

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