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Following program were pre recorded news traffic and weather this is news radio WFLA Tampa and W. X. T. B. H. D. to clear water the mayor of a central Florida city says the rules governor rod to Santa set for phase one of the state's re opening will not be enforced in his city Ocala mayor Kent Guinn says that would be an unlawful restriction over freedom to assemble we're not gonna be arresting people for gathering no more than ten people are not going to stop them and arrest or anything like that the mayor ordered police officers not to enforce the rules saying the guidelines are in violation of people's rights and Eglin Air Force base closed the first pass beach area on Friday saying increased activity was leading to unsafe conditions according to the press release from England the closure was ordered for several reasons including motorists driving the wrong direction along the shoulder of U. S. ninety eight and in adequate parking between the highway and the beach area illegal commercial activity by vendors on the water was also a reason for the closure no word on when he's passed beach area will reopen and if you're driving around Florida this weekend there are some spots you might want to avoid Reno grant reports here's a look at some of the hot spots on our expressways this weekend central Florida the eastbound four await ramp to orange Avenue is now closed earlier exit O. B. T. South Florida accelerated construction in Miami northbound ninety five at the thirty six three ninety five two left lanes blocked twenty four seven sample obey the southbound seventy five exit to U. S. three oh one is ten or really sharing the ramp that also connects to the Selmon expressway I am radio grant and mother's day celebrations in parts of Florida will have to be indoors because of a wet and stormy forecast the National Weather Service says deep subtropical moisture will move in bringing heavy rainfall starting tonight across much of South Florida.

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