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We did ten but it's not. They intend to do another season. But you know that's the other thing I've learned with age is just. Don't count on it. Anything the horrible thing about that is because I'm on a series that actually got announced that we're doing the fourth and final season. But it's nice to know that because when you do a series you know in every every after every ten episodes now yon panic. But you've got to kind of half ended having creator got to know that you have enough closure to to you know be it. Yes which I think. It's nice that we're heading into this season and the creators and the show runners. No because now they can finish properly. Yeah you know. We did Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt years and we did not know that it was ending until very close to the end. Yeah and they did Tina Fey and Robert. Carl did this. Genius job of wrapping up our stories but they really didn't have much warning I think it's great to know how much time you have and you to be honest with you. I don't think anything needs to be more than four or five seasons so I I mean I know it's nice to work and everybody wants to work but I mean in terms of storytelling. Maybe not you know a lot of them. They start to eat themselves We did we did. It was happening but I just feels to me. I know what you're saying. Yeah we did get to do it. Kimmy Schmidt movie which is For netflix which is an interactive move. Ready it's coming out in me. I think interactive movie meaning that the Audience Forget it. I couldn't do it because I'm just so ignorant about computers but the audience picks where each character's going to go they have like four different things like that so and then then they pick and then so there's like four different movies within the one moon depending on what path you choose for each character Sharon stone thing that right. It was wrong in that and he was so good all right. So just stay in the past for a second. 'cause 'cause he's movies were so defining in these directors like you know Nichols and then and then Ashby and then Sydney with Matt Tugay. Because they're all very. I would say that it feels to me that in tone there may be a similarity between Ashby Lumet we'll say that Sydney Directed the movie with a month of rehearsal before we started shooting. So so we were running through it like a play in In Another place on Second Avenue of the Second Avenue Deli or something. There was a big hall and they taped it off like they do when you're in the theater show which what's wear and we rehearsed that thing. We could do it as a play because we weren't gonNA shoot in continuity but he wanted us to Hassle David so smart unbelievable to know the story. So you know you can act appropriately against the hardest thing I think about acting when you shoot out of sequence and then you have to be refreshed with you know where am I. Yeah emotionally or yeah well. Back in new days I did a Canadian movie. Called wedding in White Which one filming Canadian Film Festival in it was Donald Peachy actor and You know I used to go to the rushes every day really because I is essential character and we were jumping around so much that we shot the last scene in the movie the first day was shot and and no states you know actors. They could have been in their contract to go. Sit and watch it and then you could track for yourself where you're emotionally. Oh I could see I just but that means tomorrow and get into after. Yeah it was so helpful and Those are the days when I can actually look at myself on screen which is no longer the case. Yes Oh so then he did Annie Hall which out importunate face. But he's a different type director than those other guys right. I mean from what I from what I've talked to people. They he says you know you know what you're doing that's right and he again like Mike. I think he relied totally on the casting and again. Juliet Taylor did most of his casting and He so he would cast the person that he thought was perfect for the role because he really didn't feel like he wanted to be heavily directing people especially he was in the movie with you and And he yeah so he basically left it up to you and if it was really off what he wanted venue it say something but he didn't say aw. Yeah but like it's hard like I wanted to get walked into these earlier movies because that's I think sort of defined you in the Public Iowa right and help sound and I remember them very you know I. I love you another movies and I've seen a lot of the other movies as things like I remember seeing you think. They're like the I in my mind the kind of resurrection or not resurrection. Because you work constantly and but for me to re notice you was like the Princess Bride. Yeah like all of a sudden and Mike Gomez. Carol can lose. Yeah Yeah and we're constantly. Well the you work with Gene Y. Yeah that that was great World Cup. That's you know that's a great movie. We didn't get paid much attention I think it came out at the same time as high anxiety may be the Mel Brooks Movie Mel Brooks movie in a way. Well Yeah and so. I don't know what happened but I think it's a really good movie. But you guys together come on. Yeah. That's great great. He was great so funny. He's a funny guy. I noticed that I I watch young Frankenstein again the other day and I just sat out his just to fund. This weird bills reach starts slow and I also I like Bonnie and Clyde ever in the car my God that little part and he was so brilliant right. Yeah what was it was the nice guy to work with his sweet Yeah I guess it gets sad. You know you talk about so many people are gone. And then What was the other one? I was just thinking I had no idea that you were initiative because I never saw it. Well there's another one for you to see some people say it's not bad it's not bad it's just. I don't know what happened. Why got attacked visit? Yeah it's got some great stuff in it as funny. Yeah it is funny is Elaine. May Yeah you work with the Nichols and May Times so as you get like how do you determine you know why because way through he kind of astounding? How much you work. You just keep going you. Just keep Shell. You must love it. Yeah I worked with you not really. I was in the same movie movie. She were great in a great and sleepwalk with me. Yeah and that's where I met you the first time. So thank you. Yes but that was fun as you determine what you're GonNa do well you must have. Have you been with the same agent forever? I've been a one a long time and not forever. I made some bad choices of leaving some great people because I after Hester Street. The phone didn't ring for a year and till gene called and and my usually. I work all the time but after Astor Street now. I didn't work for a year year and that happened a lot between movies for me because I'm not a you know I mean I I got nominated for playing woman with a shuttle on you know. So what's the next movie that's GonNa you know? And so I. A lot of people just didn't understand who I might be in. Yeah so long periods. I didn't work and I was with some great agents that I left because I wasn't working So but now. I love the people I'm working with than And I've had a very strangely good run for the last five years and also because of Kim and the hunters you know and Also shooting in Brooklyn which means I get to live at home in New York and just get in the van and go to Brooklyn. What's better I still? You know praying that someday I'll get to work with. Martin Scorsese Robert. I mean you. Don't WanNa leave the earth with without that often. Your of the you're in that you're in you know. You'RE OF THAT GENERATION. You're in that community. You guys all kind of know each other work with Patino. And where's your? Where's your Scorsese I am? I'm you can't imagine how how much hope said that will happen. One day I hope so too now and the taxi thing was huge to your taxi for years right Is You know what I was only on taxi. I think a year and a half actually I got brought in or maybe it was a little longer than that. Maybe it was too soon to two seasons and I got broaden first season and then I was gone for a while and then I came back and became his Andy's girlfriend and then his wife. What was your relationship with Andy? Like so complicated and strange and wonderful because everyone's relationship with Andy Kaufman's although you know and he had some very good friends but we At taxi were not one of them. Work Yeah and lane and a lot of people that We were work and He separated taxi from his other life. And this thing about Andy and I and I did love him. Is that I came from theater so I like to Rehearse Andy came from well. You could say stand up or you could say performance are in any case. He hated rehearsing and he said it was bad for what he did. Is that true of most? Stand up no well. That was Andy's feeling about it as he wanted spontaneous and so he had it in his contract that he would only come two days a week he come for the read through and then he wouldn't be back to Friday when we taped the show. And there'd be a fake Andy all the other time very hersal guy named Jeff. Lovely guy and so every time Every Friday I would have gotten so angry during the course of the week because I wanted to rehearse with him. You know and so. I'll come distressing him or he mine and I'd say Look Andy. I have to talk to you because I I understand. You know that you can't rehearse but for me it just means everything and then he'd say I understand. I understand completely but I just can't do it and we'd have a talk like that and by the end of that talk we would be able to be in love and Ambi so you got what you needed. Yes right and and I think it I think it was good for Andy to because We had a relationship privately. Just then right discussing why. He can't do what you well needed him to do. I can't do it. He right needs to do so. You're able to emotionally connect with him in a genuine way exactly enough to work the then do it. Yeah I think that speaks more to your capacity for at adapting No has lucky to work with them. You know no I know I I know what I mean but like you can see the way you put it. In retrospect is that you worked for you. He s right but in the moment. Were you thinking that that it would work that way? You know this is i. I'm getting what I need. I knew it was necessary Because I knew that we would be distant with that. We hadn't seen each other. He was in a different world. And we you know right well. When he was spontaneous the did you have any problems. Sort of Being the foil a of that when when somebody when you're working with somebody like him as an actor who likes rehearsal. What do you do in that. I like to be spontaneous to. It's just that my live getting to spontaneity is the opposite of his. You know everything to be set so you can watch for. He wants whatever he doesn't want any. So that's how that was and Was it fun doing billion right? Yeah Yeah I think he was. It's taken me years to appreciate him. He was never my bag really as a comic. But he's really something I mean I. I've definitely over the years Grown to have tremendous amount of respect for creativity that that. Yeah so yeah. How was it? What was it like doing the the movie? The with for me very emotional. I'd just couldn't because Jim was so good. And we were all there and we were. They recreated the set impeccably so suddenly it was like you back in time for real you know and and meals form a new survey grade also and then suddenly there's and you know and it. It was very for me I think for most of us are very strange experience. I think I talked to about it a little bit. Yeah Yeah Yeah Pretty. It must have been just bizarre because because JIM was out of his mind it came carrier. Well genius out of. It's not just out of mind possessed. Well that's the way he had to do that. Yeah Yeah staying ended feel genuine to you. Yes yeah wow because some people say it was spooky because I watched the documentary about the. Wasn't that great crazy man. Yeah it was crazy. So he's like you were dealing with a whole other level of insanity. That wasn't Andy. This is like someone but I'll change something. Maybe because of the nature of who? Jim was an his appreciation for and the United Together right that he was very gentle to me and never never did anything crazy to me..

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