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We start in Phoenix Arizona this morning. That's where police have charged a nurse at a long-term healthcare facility with raping the incapacitated woman. He was supposed to be caring for thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland appeared in court Wednesday, this after police issued court ordered DNA tests on male employees at hacienda healthcare. Here is a Phoenix police sergeant Tommy Thompson. Through the course of their investigations detectives authored and served search warrants to obtain records to identify individuals who may have had access to the victim in this case. In addition. Detectives authored orders to obtain DNA evidence from numerous individuals that evidence was sent to the Phoenix police department crime lab and those individuals worked tirelessly tirelessly to compare those DNA samples with DNA obtain from the baby now one of the samples obtained through a court. Order was from thirty six year old Faneuil Sutherland Sutherland was a licensed practical nurse or an LPN who was responsible for providing care to the victim during the time the sexual assault occurred on Tuesday January twenty second was yesterday. The scientists and the Phoenix police crime crime laboratory determined the sampled at the pain from southern. Matched the baby shortly after that determination Sutherland was taken into custody by officers from the Phoenix police department fugitive apprehension investigations detail and taken to Phoenix police headquarters for processing. Based upon probable cause that they developed through this investigation. Nathan Sutherland is being booked into the miracle county jail today as we speak charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable adult abuse. Investigators think Sutherland raped the patient sometime between February and April. The twenty nine year old victim had been in long term care since the age of three and gave birth at the facility December twenty nine th employee said they had no idea she was pregnant police say it was a former prison guard trainee who killed five people during a standoff at a small town Florida Bank before surrendering to a swat team. Investigators said Zaphon Xaver called police from inside the SunTrust Bank branch Wednesday to report that he had opened fire Florida governor, Rhonda scientists and police chief Carl Hoglund people Florida stand with the community here..

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