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The they of all of the government points nia long and two oh cilla black with surround yourself with sorrow from 1960 not album surround yourself with ciller i think mobin should call the named after the hit songs now gallagher should have mild guilty to beautiful no and algerians should be called shape of ad or we should have caused on the timberlake shown was fantastic this is fantastic because i think ciller poor woman has been seen as the laura laura laughs i surprised blind date i'll yair i knew the beef goes oh yeah arrived on this that and the other in look my big go kind of person and this album is full of on the ability it's full of tenderness she can really really sing yes this you know this we are on obviously not in the days of otter chino any kind of filling about her voices just beautiful game from silent and softly spoken to this massive so beyond say killing voice that she has a point most of the songs about loss love their about being thwarted their about as a say this vulnerability with her hat she gone on this tip i think she would have done better it it it's it's just so tender and so lovely and i feel sad that she who is the lower lower loft ciller when she can produce this stuff sheikh and the music is beautifully chosen for his wonderful the arrangements a fantastic i can go on a parts of it or as good as dosing springfield yes i do.

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