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From silver diner and 1228 Best arena in the traffic center All right now if you're on the beltway the inner loop in Virginia little heavy coming from route 50 toward 66s is the work in the right lane No problems along the beltway in Maryland everything looks good Inner and outer loop If you're on Georgia avenue we may have a problem on southbound Georgia avenue after Dennis avenue closer to August drive looks like that may be a crash definitely seeing a delay coming from pliers mill road headed past the scene You'll also find no problems on the Baltimore Washington Parkway now Everything looks good All the earlier problems that we had there are cleared getting across the bay bridge the eastbound span of the bridge the left lane of two blocked with the work westbound runs two way traffic Very nice Mac Middleton bridge traffic alternates across the bridge for the work Keep an eye out on laho road near Georgia avenue that had been a reported from downed wires in the roadway If you're in the district college report the work zone southbound D.C. two 95 before benning road taking the left lane you will come up on at its speed so it's a little bit of a surprise You want to stick over to the right to get by and avoid any issues there If you're on Pennsylvania avenue in the area of Minnesota avenue looks like that may be a crash definitely seeing delays in both directions In Virginia southbound three 95 remain slow after seminary headed past duke street the right side remains blocked with the cleanup from the truck fire There are some heavy duty records on the scene Your health is a priority at silver diner they've installed new hospital grade air purification systems in all 18 locations Visit silver diner dot com for more information Silver diner eat well be well I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic And our forecast from chuck bell I hope you're enjoying all this beautiful sunshine Today will be the sunniest day of the week with a high of.

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