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Gonna finish the show of course with our voice line france next john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty everywhere on the iheartradio app. I tomorrow there's going to be a two hour special called nine eleven two decades later. It'll eric three. Pm and again at eight pm hosted by steve gregory security military aviation experts attempt to answer the questions. America's safer today than twenty years ago and also there's a companion podcast have extended interviews. Some guests not heard on the radio. Special that'll be available beginning tomorrow on the iheartradio app. Let's wrap it up with voice line part to these people simply leave an old-fashioned voicemail. Some of their calls heavily edited. Play back on the air one. Eight seven seven moist eighty six. John again we're so excited to hear from you. It's about time okay. So the car chases. They're trying to blame on the wrong. We need to tell the people it could be a law for every five minutes failure to you quarters. One year minimum sentence that stopping fast. They're being more failure to see the sad thing. I give a thumbs up to a police officer and he got scared. Look space you got scared. I think he thought i flipped them. Opera i and i also started for the police because they're abused just like a kit is going on. You know it's not right. Election day in california is now what three weeks long maybe four with male imbalance why are people holding rallies and taking bus trips up and down the state six days before at the real election day when people have been voting already for a good two weeks now and more change anybody's mind no governor newsom. Guess what. I'm trying every damn electrical device in my house. If on full power i'm going to drain your energy to help with new and to hell with the grid into hell with somebody want to explain to me why one afghan was flown out of kabul. Before the last american was flown out. What i know about gavin newsom is definitely. He is not annot mass kindle. Let his aunts go in harrison while you cannot go get your hair done. He's gonna go to the french andrea and he's gonna eat all your tax and he's gonna put his kids in school budget. Know about gavin newsom. I think in a fair race for governor larry elder would win but i think the democrats sprint up more balanced and so we'll have the same crap. We have now a good to be back on the moist line. It's good to be back you know. I was watching the news and they thought that the creek walker with mookie math on book eight at the mary. And i know who. I'm gonna both were now be prepared. California governor deputy do defeat the recall we are. He's coming out with humil- finger. God i cannot wait to legal godawful state i just heard biden talk and discussing to mandate everything and to force people to do things that they may not wanna do is disgusting and now a lot of people may lose jobs because they don't wanna get vaccinated. That's their choice. Not his forty. Nine years old lived in florida my whole life on this program. A couple of years ago and i hardly ever met an episode lifting underway. You idiot threw out there in california. And what the hell. Y'all are willing to put up with you. Lee live a life. Leave everybody on home the way we do it. Every year. stay there florida's pull winds should be charged with a hate crime. One eight seven seven eighty six. Leave your voice mail message. I just saw a story. That sacramento legislator had those bills to try to crack down on the unvaccinated is really hopping on biden's vaccine mandate and. She says we're going to bring to go even further. We have to who said. Buffy wicks is her name democrat ed home. Oh shelve the bills for now. But yeah bide made his announcement yesterday. She's ready to Oh yeah bring them. All back newsom survives. It's going to be all out assault unbound freedoms and we'd back to control all right. We got Conway wonder when somebody's name is buffy. The names they decided not to go with. What did they leave on the on the desk. Right that's steve gregory's coming on tonight to talk about his big special tomorrow that Commemorating nine eleven. You believe that's twenty years ago. That's incredible yeah. I know Then we also have game jeff holdings at director and a producer and a writer. And he wrote this thing that you're in i've with the Gavin newsom recall. Yeah it's a great movie great documentary. There's a lot of stuff in that. I didn't know. Yeah no i get. He interviewed me for a while. Yeah driven then. Jason salaqos coming on to talk about the odds you can bet on this recall and so what are the odds of him. Winning him survive. That's the first time i ever got raise attention during And then i'm elliot michelson will come on and i'm with them last night right. Yes he's gonna come on and talk about great news something for everybody. You know what i mean. How the hell dr conway michael crozier is the news. Kfi hd two los angeles orange county live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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