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Fiesta was postponed. Bear County Judge Nelson Wolf's in a letter to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, asking for that event to be postponed. Rodeo officials say. Thanks, but no thanks. We're going on as planned. In the judge's plea. He pointed out Austin's decision to cancel their rodeo next month and Houston's rodeo being postponed. As you know, the rodeo will be at the Freeman Coliseum. Just look at some of the pros and cons. And then we'll have a quick test today to see whether we think that we're gonna leave it up to you to decide whether you know what of this list is pro and what is gone. We already know it's moved to the Freeman Coliseum limited capacity. There is no fair grounds, no attractions or carnival. Face coverings are required. Social distancing required there will be temperature screenings required it all entrances. Freeman Coliseum. They're only letting in 3800 people per night and that's also in the livestock. Barnes Pod seeding. See Nexus bio defense systems that reduced the presence of micro organisms. Just free active air purification system and all H Vac units in the Coliseum. All locations, sprayed and cleaned with bio esque disinfectant every day, multiple sanitizing handwashing stations threw out Is that enough? Sure sounds like it. Would you? Do you think that they should do you think the Stannis Tonio stock show and Rodeo should postpone You know, I go back to the Alamo Bowl. The fact that they were able to pull that off with all the health protocols in place, and so far nothing's been traced back to that being a super spreader event. So why can't they hold the rodeo with you? No more health protocols in place. They're exceeding. What's being recommended by the city and county just saying just playing devil's advocate here. There has been an increase in covert cases in San Antonio since The Alamo Bowl since late December. So what do we really know? We don't know. Jack is what we know If you don't want to go, Don't go. Well, there's another side to that. If I don't want to go, But you and charity do and you and Cherry next Friday, go see asleep with will and then come back to work on Monday. Possibility. You could have contracted covert and then pass it on to me. I could have got it someplace else. Well, you could have, but you didn't. I'm just again. I'm just playing devil's advocate here. I think you know how I feel about this. If I want to go to the rodeo, I'm going to the rodeo. If I want to go to the movies, I'm going to the movies. But if you come back and get us sick Just kidding. You know where your mask pretend it's the Super Bowl was last night. Don't come to don't come to work. I'll do that. Yeah, there's are. You know, there's arguments both sides and they go on for ever. It's just wake up the government and get the vaccines where they need to be so people can get vaccinated. Here. You, you and charity almost every morning talking it in the five o'clock hour and I understand, But you know you're going. I don't understand what's going on White castigation? Well, it's the simple answer Who's running the program? What's the answer? What's the one word answer Who's running the program? The government case closed. You don't really expect anything to run your error free with those clowns in charge. Do you know Sean Hannity's morning minute before nine o'clock. America's beverage companies are working together to.

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