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To concerns it could be the next U. S. epicenter pauses to admire more than half of the U. S. cases are in the new York city metro areas of vice president pence's urging anyone traveling from there to sell financially for two weeks Texas governor Greg Abbott taking that a step further anyone going to his state's airport either in New York New Jersey or Connecticut will be subject to a mandatory self quarantine for fourteen days on Wall Street or turn the selling is looming Dow futures down more than seven hundred points America is listening to fox news three W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go the inevitable postponement fifty two with some rain all over radar right now it's on Kerr Darling here's what's trending at nine oh two the Indianapolis five hundred will be run in August this year I am S. and indycar opting to push the race back as the country still deals with the fallout of the coronavirus settling in late August we fully expect to be outside the window impact impacted by the code nineteen virus indycar president mark miles the GMR Grand Prix is moving to fourth of July weekend making that weekend of NASCAR indycar double header coupled with the Xfinity race on the IMS road course in the brickyard four hundred unfortunately all concerts have been canceled the corona virus brought relief bill passed by the Senate is in the hands of house lawmakers now but since it may or may not be no voice vote it looks like members of the house like congresswoman Jackie Walorski we're going to have to scramble back to Washington think this'll pass tomorrow go to the president's desk and you know this is really important will or ski had been in south bend to helping food pantries pass out food packages to needy families a man shot and killed on the northwest side of the city last night I am PT says it happened near route fifty six in Georgetown road they're still looking for a suspect indigo is driving around at the corona virus pandemic and you don't have to pay for a ride and stay in lawyer the city buses are cutting back the week day schedule to match the lighter Saturday schedule ridership has been reduced because so many people are working at home and not going out you can board a bus by the rear door that eliminates the need for the interaction with drivers at the fare box which you won't need anyway because all fares are being suspended for an indefinite period Standley ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news to INDOT workers hit by a car on I. seventy near keystone Thursday afternoon when I was in the hospital now the other it was treated at the scene and the driver stayed and talked with troopers it'll be a little rainy tomorrow as well probably not see severe weather today and tonight but dog the heavy rain at isolated severe storms possible National Weather Service meteorologist.

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