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Man. I'll tell you what it was. The newsy three day weekend actually really really was. I actually had to consult kyw before the show to try to figure out what he was going to do. Because i have nine possible items here. And i don't know which way to go. We need. I almost feel like i need a little just like a reading list recommendation. Just i don't need to talk about this. This might should totally read the story in the new york times about how the us ran out of everything that on the show page. Actually it's not a bad idea. Yeah that's smart. Boom there were times. I think we do that in our newsletter to. Yes for sure for sure we do. We do okay go but what do you got. I'm excited to see this on on your own. Alright okay. let's do it so kashmir hill had a piece in the new york times days ago. Now but as i said it was all coming from the three-day weekend and so catch me writes about technology and she writes about unintended consequences. I think is a fair description of what technology is doing in our lives and she has a really thoughtful piece. I thought About the firing of. Emily wilder at the associated press last week four some tweets that ms wilder since Mostly washer was in college. She had done some in her early. Professional life. she's she's a year or something out of stanford and she was fired by the associated. Press for this. And and i think what you will about that but kashmir's bigger point is that it wasn't supposed to be this way we all sort of thought back in two thousand eight nine ten when Social media posts started getting a lot of attention and more people were on it and we were discovering what idiots we were only in our lives There was an expectation that there would be some kind of detente. some kind of mutually assured destruction some kind of realization. That you know what you do as an eighteen year old or a twenty one year old while perhaps germain in some respects does not necessarily dictate how you conduct yourself professionally. And oh my god. We were all stupid idiots once. Can't we all just call bygones and have some empathy and understanding for stupid mistake says youth and move on and that hasn't happened. In more of the point. These social media posts and and passed act are becoming weaponized and it is destructive and hurtful.

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