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It was a new zealand geographic photographer of the year. I just ran just reading. Cv like that hard work. We all look at life. Think through ends and during desert for living. It's it's a very good living a very good result to that now. A lot of people who are interested in books asking how you get started. And i want to ask dougal it because you know he sort of jumped on the deep end and instant success so having style. Well i started dabbling with writing. Maybe ten or so years ago. And i wrote a few articles for fly fishing magazines overseas and they were accepted. And you know. I had a moment thinking. They were pretty good since of being quite good but they were definitely flawed. And i knew i could see after that i needed to do better. But i'd been a reader on my life loss and trust me. I think to start seriously. Writing was a need to write about the river that met at so much to me. Atara a rivers have been neglected by writers and frankly neglected by the almost all of the people that arrived here as the europeans arrived redid the rivers with disrespect really drains and someone and i. I wished that i've been able to read stories. That people had written about rivers like the montera maybe fifty years ago and so and they simply weren't written..

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