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You. It's it's you know part of it. Too new generational wealth ben made and also in bitcoin. Just to give you like there's nineteen i think. Twenty one million coins or something in like three four five nine or lost or one along. There's never been touched. They don't know where it is if you think about how. Many millionaires are on the world. It's like you have one. Like i have a feeling that in five ten twenty years from now it'll be like wow you have one. Bitcoin like if you have one bitcoin. You're like wow 'cause like it could be two million coin. One nine coin at some point again fracture. Either you want to buy one hundred dollars of bitcoin. You can get it. You can hold one hundred dollars in bitcoin on need one bitcoin but again i think that if you look at the millionaires in the world and you think oh wow one bitcoin. There's not enough like even close for everyone to have one. So i don't know it's it's a weird Let's let's let's dive diverse away. But that's my thoughts in die. At tony's definitely on to something i want to i want to ask about the sa- this bat because profits are so big in poker. I'm sure you know it looks like you are. I didn't know the exact story. You're telling me that this is Seventies to vegas so this was a based on a true story. Could you maybe filming in what happened. What is this you did this yourself at one point and this is a movie about that. This is a movie about Faced on the truth of my home game they got bigger and not all some of its fictionalized but one of the things over the years. We didn't make a lot of crazy profits. Make half bets on in basketball that. Give me six shots to make it. You know thirty thousand bucks and you know. I finally got down with only before you know those crops jobbing over fences. I did a lot of property. I love that put myself up in a prop. The props was challenged. Can you walk from la. This is back in the mid nineties. Late night l. A. to las vegas in seven days. And i was playing a lot of tana's feedback that and i took the for half a million a true story. I'm not a state by act. What happened with his matings. It so it's fictionalized but that's the idea. I wanted to make a film about story. But i didn't want to be bad. Be about the poker hand at the end or the world series of the poke into about puppets and enjoy and the entertainment gambling poker. And puppets are fun and everybody gets together with like big kids. So that song idea of lists. I'm gonna make the belief that's the piece that's going to be the center of the peace. Annie meek that bat and the all go to see whether he could make it or not at seventy six. So.

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