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Gun Violence has been a consistent fixture in American society ten local artists and collectives are repurposing firearms collected in San Francisco. Most of the people involved have been affected by senseless gun violence why B. C.. A. In collaboration with the Robby Publicity Foundation and united players are showing the transformation of of weapons into symbols of hope and healing in the art of peace. It's a group exhibition of sculptural art works made from dismantled firearms. It'll be on view at why B._C._A.'s Second Floor Gallery from July Twenty third through August twenty fifth. I'm King Kaufman on this episode of Datebook presented by Your Buena Center for the Arts. I'll talk to one of the artists in the exhibition sunk way. Moe will also visit with Deborah Cullen The C._E._O.. Of Why V._C._A.. FIRST UP I WANNA welcome to the people behind the project Patty Nevada publicity's area journalists. She's.

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