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There are a lot of examples of philosophers doing their cogitate saying they're reflecting while walking and yeah in many cases maybe they were very much in their head. Maybe their subconscious mind. That's you know looking out for traffic or looking out for the curb. They don't wanna fall beside wash when they reach an intersection or something But as i mentioned the book i'm interested in is how walking can help us. Let go of that. Self conscious reflection that normal sense of thanking pondering more rational thought and i'm intrigued and once said to my students recently we were looking at The zan on the trail book. And i said one thing. If i were to rework this book i might. We've more into. It is how walking the act of walking in. It's a bit there in the meditations on the trail book that rhythm of walking step step step step or the rhythm of breathing. We're there in meditation breathing or thinking about certain traditions shamanic drumming how the beat of the drum repeated over and over that rhythm does affect human consciousness is one thing i'm interested in. Is how the rhythm of walking in sync with the rhythm of breathing without drumming how that affects human consciousness. Maybe in some cases helping us let go of thinking or if we are pondering a problem like the philosopher kant and the body moving as well. It was just sitting there thinking in your chair. Maybe what that does at some subconscious level is helping. I don't know The brain make certain synapses and the person is pondering a math problem or a philosophical problem. It made put the thinking process in a slightly different mode. Or who knows maybe connected to some sort of deeper sub-conscious or maybe even unconscious level and that allowing for certain cognitive breakthroughs as you ponder a math or philosophical problem. Or if what you're doing is walking in rhythm to let go of thinking. That resume facilitate a dropping down into Other states of awareness other states of consciousness whether we want to call it..

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